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    Bikes, beer and babes... and flight simulators...<br><br>Books, books, dogs, beer (did I already mention beer?) beer, and the rustier things in life :)

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    Solo-ized Dnepr 16 1990
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    Irishman in Sweden. The women are goodlooking... what can I say??? Against all better judgement I went the route of solo-izing a 1990 Dnepr MT-16 (new swingarm and final drive with solo gearing). I then attached K68 carbs and fitted an old style K750 toolbox tank. She ran when I got her and still does, despite my best efforts to ruin everything :) She even starts easier than she used to :) I used to be a motorcycle courier in Dublin - it was insane - but fun. I've always had a healthy respect for bikes, and have had a few spills - they were all my fault - so I've learned that the rubber MUST remain in contact with the asphalt at ALL times.... The Russian thing? Well, I guess I hate chrome. I was thinking of buying a V-Star (Dragstar in Europe) and just painting everything matt black.. but then I found Urals and then the Holy Grail... Dneprs :) I'd love a new Ural Retro... but my better half keeps telling me that I dream more than I earn.... maybe in a year or three....when they are going cheap secondhand :D My plan was to learn more about how bikes work and to improve my wrenching skills. This is going to plan :D

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  1. Will do, Bill! Quite fancy a trip to Norge one of these days... Dub
  2. After six years of Dnepr ownership I've thrown in the towel. Too much work, too little spare time and a feeling that I lost the bug finally took its toll. My two Dneprs just got hauled away on a trailer by a very nice Dutchman and his wife. Fidelma and the Fire Engine are gone. My garage now has what it has not had for quite some time.... space for a car. As I won't be getting another hack for the foreseeable future (putting the proceeds of the bikes towards a new car, as my old one just died) I'd like to thank everyone here that has contributed to my time as an owner of one of the most fun bikes I've had the pleasure to own. Ride safe, be proud, drink heartily!
  3. Sorry to hear this, Ken. At least he died doing something he loved. Dub
  4. I've just been able to get my out of print fiction republished via the Amazon Kindle Store. Mostly hardboiled detective stories and one historical novel based on the Irish Civil War. But - you must have either a Kindle, or the free Kindle software on your PC , iPhone, iPad or whatever to be able to read the books... Dub's Kindle Store Dub
  5. I've also attached a pic of my old Type I EI unit... is this what you have? Maybe if you shared some pics....
  6. Are you using a Ural regulator - (33702) - the shiny one instead of the PP330 black unit? See attached electric schematic - it has both variants... I changed from a PP330 to the shiny 33.3702 and yes the wiring is not the same... Hope this helps...
  7. We're not sure what we're doing yet to be honest. We've been talking about heading down towards the South East coast for a few days before the wifey goes back to work in a few weeks. Let me know exactly when you would be able to come and I'll try to force to missus into making a decision as to what we are planning to do... Skål! Dub
  8. My MT-11 does the same thing, has for four years and it rides perfectly. It's not a problem until you are stuck with an imploded tranny ;)
  9. Hey Bill - don't forget I have a full MT-11 of parts.... Special price, if you are interested. ;)
  10. Item number: 290435910687 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...%3D1&_rdc=1 Or http://www.blocket.se/halland/Dnepr_MT_11_...m?ca=15&w=3 Dub
  11. It is.... http://www.henriksson.ee/?p=13 Click the 'English' flag in the top right hand corner... Dub
  12. I've been through a few and rebuilt one or two as well, with the help of SB... If you are having a 'bad earth day' you might want to run a secondary earth cable to the instrument binnacle, as on the Dnepr the earth goes via steering head bearings - which might not be the best... Another SB trick. Also - move the horn someplace else - like up beside the headlight - it's louder and it won't ground out on anything. Also - check that you have the right 15/16amp fuses.... You could also try insulating the inside of the binnacle with plastic - sometimes the wires touch the binnacle and short things out.... use a bit of thick plastic sheeting - another SB trick I've had LOTS of trouble with the kill switches on my switchgear melting - still haven't solved it - but I think its an earth issue on the bars. Hope this helps! Dub :flameon:
  13. Try a slightly thicker gasket material. :flameon: Dub
  14. A mate of mine in TX gave me these links and info... http://www.cheaperthandirt.com http://www.dixiegunworks.com is another. Cheaper than dirt is in TX. DGW is in Tennessee.
  15. The float is probably getting snagged on the gasket material. you need to reassemble very carefully - preferably with the carb off the bike. When you take your K68s apart use a 10mm wrench to remove the chokes and spray them liberally with WD-40 and try to 'set them free'. I'm sure they'll be fine. Just don't go pulling too hard 'cos those wee black plastic tops are crapola - they break really fast! Dub
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