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  1. Changed out with all new parts Problem can back on short ride to town and back Engine just stops cold, cranks but no spark This time I poked at the wires on the main plug on the CDI unit one at a time the whte one seems to be the problem one , it seems to be causing a make or break connection .move it and the bike starts move again and it stops. So changed out the wiring harness. Now runs good. Wonder it that was the problem all along. or was it two problems making it hard to fix. the old CDI power to hall was lower that the new CDI.
  2. Charged over night battery read 13.5 V Key on 12.22 v ( lights on, Canadian bike no light switch) Got a spark. Did a load test half an hour with lights on fell to 11.97 v When switch off back to 12.65 v tomorrow I mount the tank and see if it fires up.
  3. yes next big step is new plugs and battery been three years on the same battery.
  4. today metered the new CDI Red to Black 10.85 v Red to Green 3.46 v hall with metal 10.68 v R to G; R to B old CDI 4.67v 0.37 both grounds show good Coil and CDI are grounding. tested the wires between CDI and main connectors for breaks; all good. Used a screw drive to operate hall sensor for readings along with jumpers wires for metering at the connection at the front of the bike.
  5. Got no spark on my gear up 2008 Replaced Hall, coil and CDI unit . Still no spark the kill switch seems to be working as the battery light is on had 12 volts at the cdi unit too. was not able to get a good reading at the two coil wires Has anyone taken a reading on the voltage there? The reading on the hall show with in range.. 2 v to 5 v high. Tomorrow I going to take new readings from the new parts and see what they are. Any ideals would be help full.
  6. I order a twin shifter from Raceway, For the back up and the two wheel lever. Hope it makes my life easyer, we have face in parking in town here and reviseing out is a must.
  7. Thanks , Kind of looks I have to go get the bike next week. Just makes waiting that much harder.
  8. Yes that the place I thinking off and I did see white one few years back must have be you. Had to wait until my pension came to fund this ideal. So just me and the bike for this year then we see. Hope to get 5 rides and 5 renter over the next three years. So would you trust a grade 12 student on a $18,0000 bike with paying passager? Or the over 55 wild bunch?
  9. Let me know when they fine you for scaring birds. Heard the urals can back fire scaring little old ladies and the likes. As for water does the whole family use the same water in the tub? then pails it out for the lawn?
  10. Got my new company started and planning on doing a little party when it comes. So if any one want to come by just email me for deltails. have to find a place for it a pizza place or a parking lot. For Immediate Release; Contact David John Peirce, CEO 250-537-1119 Salt Spring Island Sidecar Touring Company saltspringsidecartouring@hotmail.com HEADLINE Salt Spring Island, B.C.; April 2009 Salt Spring Island Sidecar Touring Company proudly announces the delivery of its first sidecar unit. It’s to be used for chauffeured sightseeing tours this summer. Providing a means for the tourist to get off the beaten trail and explore the island. Called an Ural after the area where it’s build. This Russian built motorcycle, with two wheel drive is known as a go anywhere vehicle. It can carry two passengers and their gear. The service provided is trips for two to places like Mt. Maxwell, Beaver Pt. and a sunset picnic. Go bird watching or just get away for a few hours. Even book a studio tour and find that Salt Spring treasure to take home. The Salt Spring Island Sidecar Touring Company was the end of a three year search to fill the need for transporting tourist around the island in small groups to where they would like to go. A vehicle was wanted to with an open view of the scenic beauty of the island which allows picture taking. The Ural sidecar unit was the answer.
  11. Wonder if you could find some back in Russian. But they do come up for sell here at times under junk sells http://www.willysacres.com/ got this off my crap bog.
  12. Found just want you need these days tp prevent tail gaters. Only good for a gear up ural painted tan. Used once and by only one owner back in 43. Good for drive by shooting or upseting your narbours. The down side is the low gas mileage you get as it weighs just under 800 lbs.
  13. Makes for one nice off road bike just can not be done for roads. Only way is if a visitor bring it in for touring and promies to take it out agan once done.
  14. Placed a sign that read $5.00 for picture of you and bike. that may keep the monkeys off it.
  15. some days you get a break out of two dealer here in BC canada west coast One has discount on So quess that were I'm going. Hi David, Yes so there are only green Gear-ups left in stock. The bike after all taxes and fees will be $16,963.36 I have or can get most of the accessories you want, the case for manuals and fuel canister come with the bike when you purchase it. I am not sure what front number plate (pedestrain slicer) is and National cycle does not make that Plexi II windshield anymore (or my supplier does not carry it anymore). The rest of the accessories will come out to be $1,984.78 with taxes and with a $241.65 discount making the grand total $18,948.14 Just have to tell them I want the second canister for the right side of the car. As it's going to be a long range recon vehicle. Hope to find that german backet for the 5 gal on the step of the car. May use that for water if i can get a good can for it stainless steel? As any one found a tent for the side car and tryed sleeping in it? Any hangers for an ax and spade? Roper puller?
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