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  1. Hi. I was in contact with Chris 29/1 At that time it was -15 degrees in Ukraine and the power was down. Maybe it will take a few days before he answer. FYI :)
  2. I understand that a "permanent magnet" delivers constantly to much current (in this text it says it's always over 14,4V) and the process of leading current to the ground produces heat (When the regulator regulates). In the "Specs Box" it says that this alternator delivers 13,7V at 900obr/min (rmp:s). Does that mean that it's not actually charging at 900rpm and just keeps some kind of "status quo"? Answer: I understand it the same way. It also says that it will give 14,2V at 100W... Is the 100W the watts the capacity of the alternator or the watts that consumes by all the things on the bike? It sounds like if the watts go up it will get a different voltage, but the voltage should be the same since the regulator-rectifier regulates that... Right? Don't really understand... Answer: You will have access to 100W at 2300rpm but if you need 120W at 2300rpm it will have to get help from the battery. The regulator-rectifier take care of the voltage. The power you can use will increase with rising rpm until you reach the generators nominal power output. There are some words that couldn't be translated, "domasowo" and "domasowe". Are those suppose to be "ground" and "grounding"? Answer: I really dont know but google translated a word to ground in the last part of the text so I assume that the other words means something else. "Driving with headlights off will not damage the unit or voltage regulator, but it is definitely detrimental to the system that produces energy and it does not use the load acting on the engine". Does this mean it's just "meaningless production of electricity"? When I try to translate I get: harmful, damaging, injurious, hurtful, inimical, deleterious, dangerous, destructive, ruinous, calamitous, disastrous, pernicious...!!! Answer: The power you dont use goes to ground via the regulator-rectifier and if you have a powerfull generator and dont use the power it goes through the regulator-rectifier and creat heat which might be bad. The last part I understand as If it's to much "overproduction" the charging light will be on at high speed and even if the battery is being charged... Why? Could this be an explanation to why the charging light is constantly glowing for some people? Answer: See the last sentence in my answer above. In high rpms there will be more power not in use which goes to ground and therefor the lamp glow. I cant answer you on the other half of this question. "To the problem disappeared, the device must be ordered according to his power that is at the limit of 100 - 120W." This I don't get... Hope someone can explain. Is it about ordering a alternator with the "right watts" or is it some kind of maximum usage... I don't understand. Answer: They must mean that you should order a generator which have a capacity just above your total need. Have you considered to choose a modern alternator instead? http://www.oldtimergarage.eu/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26_35&products_id=4214 I think this modern solution is a better choice. The loading is regulating by switching the electromagnet on and off and this avoid overheated regualtor and you will not have a glowing charging bulb when you rev your engine.
  3. Have you asked the supplier for more information about the alternator? I would like to read more about it :)
  4. If my generator dont work properly I will go for a conversion together with electronic ignition. If it works I will keep it together with the breaker points :) I hope your conversion will work long and well.
  5. I dont think Brian used figures measured from a ignition coil, it was just an example. For DC it is Watt=Volts x Amps
  6. This is almost off topic :) Which generator do you have on your bike? Earlier G-11A (up to 1957) have a nominal power of 45 watt and the later G-414 have a nominal power of 65 watt. In Sweden you must have the low beam on even during daytime, I dont think it was ment that way from the begining... Look below, even with LEDs you are very close to the limit if you have the older generator. With the newer generator its close but should work even without LEDs. With this I will say that if you run your bike with the older generator and the half beam on it will drain your battery. Changing to the newer one will give you enough power for a brighter front light :) Can this be the answer to your charging problems? I have decided to stay with my 6 volt system and I really hope it will work :o) Tried to past a table but it didnt work Without LED but including ignition coil, speedo light, half beam, front and rear light consume 62 watt With LED it consumes 45,6 watts
  7. When I finally get my bike running I think that a proper ignition system is next change to be done. Coffee sounds good, do you drive your Dnepr to Uppsala?
  8. My bike came with some 12v stuff like headlamp, horn and ignition coil. Former owner tried to build his own 12v conversion but I didnt belived it would work so I took it of the bike. The conversion was for sale on Tradera for a while but I didnt got any bids. I think there is a big difference between the ignition coil you are going to buy and the one I have. My ignition coil have one primary winding and two outputs, otherwise they are not similar. "Your" ignition coil is a modern one while the chinese one is ancient :)
  9. Maybe its a heavy-duty way to hold the wiring... :)
  10. I found the website and they have both singlecore and double core ignition coils. The one you will buy is the same as I have, the only difference is that mine is from China :) You can calculate with 48w, or to be 98% safe you can calculate with 14 volts, 3 ohms which gives you 4,7 amps and about 66 watt
  11. I have the tank off on my MT-9 and I cant find anything close to the thing you ask about. Do you know if its in the tank tunnel or between the tank and the badge (or the knee pad)?
  12. There is one thing I not have taken into the calculation. The ignition coil is propably only consuming 48W when the breaker points opens. Of course at 3000 rpm/ min it does it 25 times/ second! On the coil I measured on there is one primary winding but two secondary igniting one spark plugg each. If you use a similar ignition coil you will have 100 watts to play with.
  13. :o) The paint is quit good a few meters away... At the moment I am rewiring the complete electrical system. I hope I soon will be able to start the engine for the first time. Bought it partly dismanteled.
  14. I think it should be 80 000 volts. Ignition coils have to have two windings. One primary and one secondary. You have 12v and 3 ohms in the primary so you can use my calculation. Its in the secondary winding those 80 000v and high amps is created. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignition_coil If you use two coils there is a risk that it will consume 2 x48w! Cant the seller help you with consumption figures?
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