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  1. just to put my two cents in part of the reason why i was originally attracted to the Ural at all was because of how few of them there are on the road. i realize that it would be to my benefit to have the company expand and grow because of how much better the quality would get and because of how much more accesible repairs and parts might become. but i like the idea of getting my hands dirty and i also like the idea that there is a small community of people surrounding these rigs that see them as a symbol of their uniqueness (maybe i'm looking into this a little too much... ). and i don't know whether or not there ever really was a boom. i feel that Ural in america will grow as a grassroots company: word of mouth, people randomly seeing one of us riding around, etc. and that seems very appropriate. so it doesn't concern me that they don't flood motorcycle dealerships with overstock - in fact, i think that's part of the intrigue.
  2. you guys definitely are aware of the Texas highway situation - people just drive too fast in general here. i had looked at a map to try and find an alternate route but it's just not worth it at this point. i'd really like to be commited to breaking in my new rig properly and i think i'd rather do that near my home where i can always have a back-up plan. as much as i'd like to get run over on the highway during my first ride... i think i'll pass.
  3. thanks for the advice fellas - after hearing some of your concerns (and due to the nagging of my wife) - i've decided it would probably be much wiser to trailer it home. dallas to san antonio takes almost 4 and a half hours by car - i should prolly get some solid driving time before making a trip like that. thanks again and i'll get some pics up of my adventures soon.
  4. So I just bought a 2007 Retro which the dealer received on the January 28th. Are you saying that there is a possibility that my new bike could have the up-dated valves, stems and springs like the 08's? If so, how did you find this out? Thanks, Mario i'm definitely not an expert on the subject but apparently some of the last rigs to be shipped before the 2008s come to the US will have many of the updates. this is just what my dealer told me - and he seems like a very honest guy. it may actually vary from rig to rig. i'm sure one of the dealers on this site would know much more than i do...
  5. hey all - i posted several weeks ago that i was interested in buying a gear up and i wanted to let everyone know that i actually did it. my rig gets to the dealer next week - as all of you that have had to wait for your bike know, i'm having trouble sleeping and the days won't go by fast enough. (i feel a little sheepish saying that because i've read about some guys having to wait months and months while i have only waited about 3 weeks...) anyway - turns out i got a great deal - my GU is considered a 2007, but has many of the 2008 changes and is at the 2007 price. so i barely slipped past the price increase, which is great. i don't know if it is coming with the new paint scheme, i'm not sure if i'm in love with all the black on the '08s. but nonetheless i'm glad i'm not paying the extra $$$$. i live a considerable distance from the dealer - it would be several hours worth of driving - and i'm not sure if i should just throw it on the trailer and learn at home or try and ride it home. i wouldn't have to take main highways and i know a ton of places that i could stop at to split up the drive. so would i be a complete fool to try and drive it home?
  6. wow. very extensive list. thanks so much for pointing me that way...
  7. First off, before I say anything - I must tell all of you that I have been a frequent guest on this forum for about 6 months and I have learned a wealth of information. Thank you all for that... It's been a real pleasure to search the web for information on Ural's and see how many of you proud owners have taken it upon yourselves to take care of each other with advice and knowledge. I plan to do my part as soon as I am able. Something else I've found is that the average age of Ural owners (and other sidecar rig owners) are much older than myself - i'm only 25 at the moment - but it honestly makes me feel even more comfortable in my decision to buy one of my own. I figure you guys have wisdom that I don't yet, and I want to join the party. So after spying on all these conversations for so long, I've decided to take the plunge and buy a Ural! Texas doesn't have a ton of dealerships, so I'll be driving 5 hours or so to Dallas to purchase either a brand new 2007 Ural Gear Up, Retro or Patrol. I honestly haven't totally decided on that yet but I'm just going to go with my gut when I get there. Ken at StormSeller Motorcycles has already been extremely helpful and patient with me. I look forward to giving him my business. First off - I've tried to do my research but I'm having trouble finding a difference between the 2008 models and 2007 models besides the price. Does anyone know? Secondly - does anyone have any advice on model choice? I believe that I could use the 2WD but it's not necessary. I'll prolly do more street riding than off-road. Finally - I don't know a ton about mechanics, but it looks like I'm going to do a lot of maintenance on my own. I've seen a lot of posts with you guys helping each other out but is there a guide somewhere that might help me out a lot? Cause I think I'm going to need it... Thanks a lot, guys. I look forward to showing off some pics of my new Ural and the adventures I'll have on it. mightymatt43
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