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  1. Thanks guys. Dang Rabbit, that would have been a helluva idea. Lol. I had alone time cutting the tape off, so no biggie. Actually enjoyed it a little. I'll share the code.
  2. Outside sun. Green glow now. Custom KMZ key for my headlight. Old style fob with MT-11 key. Color sanding the sheet metal now. Should be soon. I want to wait a little while to harden the paint before she goes back together.
  3. Taping up wheels. Funny it was the River Monsters episode at Chernobyl. Cutting tape was a lot worse. Took over 2hrs.
  4. Wow. Those will look great. Nice chrome. I love a nice heavy chrome job.
  5. Thanks Luca. Been watching your thread too. The color is really interesting how it changes from green to brown. I've gotta let it dry for a while before I try to cut or buff. First time shooting a single stage urethane. A lot like the old enamel once you get the hang of it.
  6. Hope you have a nice Easter time here from the NC coast. Blessings to all.
  7. Awesome. Doesn't matter how you got it registered as... You did. Swell deal my man. Hope to see ya buzzing around.
  8. Well, started shooting this new paint. I would say that I'm not real wild about it. The primers and paints are so thin. I will write some more on the subject later, but for now will post some pics.
  9. Great progress. Hope it's just a seal back there. Look forward to pics. Been setting mine up for paint. Going to shoot the primer tomorrow. Took me all day to hang plactic and most of the parts. I ran out ta room quick. Lol
  10. The old needles are junk with the o ring. They melt in our ethanol gas. The Kohler 127501-s or the Walbro pn.82-85-7 are the best bet. Not sure why it is so long to where you might break it. Hopefully its the right ones. As far as the deep sump, I think they are a waste of money. If worried about heat, an oil cooler would be cool. Don't read into too many gimmicks. Keep the machines simple and stupid. Lol. Hope she's coming along ok
  11. I would use MEK to get all the Kreem out, then try to hunt down the leak or leaks. I've used KBS sealer after I used the electrolysis method, but would do the Ospho if I did it again in case I wanted dual petcocks down the road. Sallen used silver solder on his tank. Maybe this for holes then Ospho.
  12. I think they were molded into the rubber. I have one that pops out now and again in that spot. If you can glue it back in, it needs to be pretty tough and flexible. If possible, go over the metal plate a bit as well to grab. Not sure what would be strong and bite into rubber. Shoe Goo? An RTV possibly. Maybe something from smoothon.com if not from the auto store. They have some heavy adhesives. Hope I didn't confuse too much or state too much you already know. The new ones will be NOS, so beware.
  13. If it's the bottle cap hub, all parts should be the same or similar I think regardless of year or model. Someone should chime in with more knowledge. Not sure if anyone has a digital parts fiche or catalog. Charlie's site cvkustoms.com. maybe. Ural zentral may have pics or something
  14. My sister was excited she saw robins and heard the peepers(frogs). Glad you had a terrible ride. Lol
  15. Dang. Nice bike. Good Deal I think.
  16. Just too hard to get wm over here with customs and DOT.
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