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  1. Can't go this year. Love to see everyone.
  2. I would just enjoy the 1wd.
  3. I had an early 90s Mt11 that I loved dearly. Simple engines. Flatheads are very old and few/far between. Ohv are good, but hard to find any that aren't tainted or messed up due to owner ignorance. One dialed in ohv are good. As said before, not fast bikes. Good for around town and on two lanes. 45 mph is a safe speed. 65 you should say some prayers. From an engineering and design standpoint, much better bikes than Urals. I'll get another one day.
  4. Nice example of a great bike. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Oh those tanks. I think they threw them off a cliff before on the bikes. Looking good buddy
  6. Thanks Sam, someone has to worry about me. Lol. Everyone else just enables it.
  7. Cool. My girl got loaded up for Chicago the day before last. It was sad seeing it in a trailer. She started right up and was ready to go. She was a good one. A friend in Canada is in Russia as of yesterday and will help to find a car. He said a lot of the Canadian cars are rotten if found or people want too much. Seems the same here as far as pricing. Which is good if I wanted to sell it.
  8. I think so. He's still getting shipping quotes. Should be leaving soon. Looking at importing a Lada or maybe a LuAZ. I'm crazy I know
  9. Take off the wheel. Undo the damper and keep in order. Undo the top caps and then loosen the pinch bolts and lube and remove.
  10. Mine has the Aluminum knob bolt that threads into a threaded hole in the toolbox. Probably the easiest route since they did it on mine originally. Lol
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