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  1. What do you mean the season is over? The fun season is just starting.
  2. I don't know what old school models you have. But here they have had electronic ignition of some form since atleast 1997. The trouble is if you have an older one you might not be able to find one of your type.
  3. you can get modified clutch plates from Cob. I don't know if they are the same on a dneper. If he doesn't post here, he does on Soviet Steeds.
  4. hello Spyder,i've got three hats now,i've got to wear the hat that the bloke gave me in town just to show i'm wearing it,then i've got to wear the other hat when i go to see my son in work to show the pakistani gentleman that i wear his-to keep him happy.so i keep both hats on me,one in my pocket and one on my head! then wherever i am, i change to the correct hat-just to keep both parties happy! ride safe and free.martyn,aberdare. Ok then three pictures
  5. I broke my coller bone years ago in a motorcycle crash. It hurt for a whike (actually the brace they tried to make me wear hurt the worst) but it hasn't given me any trouble since.
  6. I have a friend that has a touring victory thats a few years old. He had some transmission trouble and had to replace the belt also. The one thig he mentioned was that parts where higher than Harley because there wasn't an after market industry for them like there is for Harley.
  7. Sounds like a good time. No pictures?
  8. You got to get out and ride more, that rig has been sitting so long ther's a tree growing out fo it!
  9. You going to buy the field of dreams? I hear its up for sale. To bad the 3x3x3 is the same weekend as our antique rally. I have a prior commentment to that. Nice model by the way.
  10. You shouldn't have to drop the pan to get the motor out.
  11. "I think I just saw one at Harbor Freight the other day. I usta have one around here somewhere. They were part part of a military tent repair kit that can usually be found at a good Army-Navy surplus." These Grommets are too small, won't fit over the pin. At least all the ones I looked at were.
  12. I would also check the alternator gear for slack.
  13. I know this is a long time from the original post, but I thought this was already covered(must of been anouther forum) The old Harleys had a Rocker clutch, you push forward to disengage, back to engage. It only became a suicide clutch if someone modified it to work like a car clutch (you pushed to disengage, and it was spring loaded to engage) A jocky shift was a hand shift modified to come up from the trans. When you shifted it, it looked like a "jocky" slapping his horse. And yes the servi cars were slow and under powered, but so is my "45" solo (same engine) but they are a lot of fun.
  14. It is easy to pull the bottom of the cable up- out of the holder on the carb. Anouther thing to look for is an air leak between the carb and engine.
  15. Hope it works, and in the future drill a tiny hole in the cap. They are unvented.
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