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  1. Do you have a pic of what you need or what engine?
  2. It sold yesterday morning and is now in Asheville, NC with Charlie and family.
  3. I am thinning the herd and have a 2001 Dnepr sidecar rig for sale. It has a 2010 Ural engine with 17,000 kms, a 05 Ural gearbox, a 2012 driveshaft and final drive (4.62 gearing), a PA ignition, Emgo Dunstall muffs, and a sidecar windshield. It has a clear NC title. $3500
  4. Posting this for Big James. He will be back soon.
  5. I've done several, and sometimes the villagers do come after me with torches and pitchforks.
  6. I have two copies left. These came with new bikes, back in the day, along with the owner's manual. $10, plus shipping.
  7. Weather permitting, we will be there.
  8. Glenn, You might want to post over at Soviet Steeds, as well. Not everyone is on both sites.
  9. Yep, it's worth the trouble. The one in my red Tourist was installed in 02, and will still crank the R90.
  10. I talked to Bill last night, and he sent me pics of this rig. It is one I built (not Blue Moon Cycles) for Vinnie Mendes, and is a very nice rig with lots of extra touches. Well worth the asking price.
  11. For those members who haven't found it yet, there is an auction over on Soviet Steeds in the Black Market for our good friend and Ural enthusiast, Q-Ball. He is fighting cancer, with a great attitude, and will win the battle! Please help, if you can, with a donation of goods or cash. Thanks!!!
  12. Listing this for a friend. He is asking $250 obo, plus shipping. If interested, I will give you his contact info.
  13. Thank you, John, for all your efforts organizing and running this event. I know you start planning very early and there is much work involved. It is appreciated by all who attend this great rally. :thumbsup!:
  14. Looking for a off-white/cream windshield apron from a Ural Deco. If you have one laying around, let me know. Thanks.
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