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  1. Thank you very much for the answers. Have started work a while ago, so I don't have much for my own projects again. What's the worst for the old cranks? Is it high speed (fast road cam), or big torque (big bore piston set)? In a Citro├źn 2cv, it is extra large torque at low revs. In turn, they can withstand many extra forces at high rpm (7000-8000 rpm) When the crank comes out again it will in all circumstances get German bearings and be measured up and balanced.
  2. I actually don't know how many parts my crank on my 1963 K750 side valve is made of.
  3. I have plans to upgrade the oil pump, bigger the oil sump and make sure all the oil channels have free passage.
  4. Just a quick question. When someone talks about the crank cracking on these engines. What exactly goes wrong? And is there anything that can be done about them to make them better / stronger? The crank in mine is not broken. but I must have changed pistons and main bearings at some point. And when I have it out anyway, I could make sure it is as good as possible before being reassembled.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/DDfDbucndy2cpsvC6
  6. Hi, I run drive k750 and 2cv. I would think that the 2cv exhaust is too wide and will exit forward. If you want something similar, it's probably best to make your own, inspired by the one on a 2cv.
  7. your motor running , incidentally, with 20 mm piston pin http://www.vgs2cv.be/index.php/nl/webshopvgsvm
  8. http://www.ecas2cvparts.co.uk/bore-complete-engine-652cc-77mm-2cv6-dyane-important-notes-p-2017.html
  9. your motor running , incidentally, with 20 mm piston pin http://www.vgs2cv.be/index.php/nl/webshopvgsvm
  10. you can get, plug and play 652cc cylinder kit for your M28-1 engine several places. If you want up to 40hp , the exhaust must be upgraded , as well as a few Mikuni 's or injection .
  11. No no secrets, just peek in the box with bits, to see if there was anything that could be used. Have complete ignition and charging from a Yamaha XT550. And an adjustable ignition system for a Citroen 2cv with vacuum regulation. If I can find a place I would use it from Yamaha, since I am in the process will get 12V charging system. If I can not find the place I am sure that the system 2cv'en may be there, but then I find a 12V generator.
  12. As the headline reads: K750 ignition timing How many degrees before TDC at idle. 3000rpm with light gas. and 3000rpm wot. I'm messing around with electronic ignition and could use some data on the timing
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