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    War Bikes!<br />Zündapp, BMW, Harley Davidson, Indian WWII Motorcycles<br />and the affordable/obtainable copies...This Ural is growing on me.<br />American Guitars and British Amps. Coffee, Guns, German Shepherd Dogs, Deathmetal....Folk Music, Mountains, Forests, Desert... and a lot of other things not found in Kansas. The Open Road.

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  1. Had no offers within the time frame and I have no time left to really deal with it now because of family stuff, so looks like ill be hanging on to it again for at least a little while.
  2. Wow! I knew it must have happened to someone else on the forum, but some of your stories are much worse. There was restraint alright, I was so angry I was biting my tongue. I thought if I let out a peep I would explode. I am sure it was written all over my face though, the way they scuttled off faster as I got closer (or they knew they were busted doing something they shouldnt). I was not so worried about scratches, I was worried about the carb getting stomped or who knows what... It is the principal that gets me most.. YOU JUST DON'T DO IT! you don't get on motorcycle just like you don't get into cars or houses, boats etc.... how in the world people just don't get it is amazing. I hope it doesnt happen again, and I really hope I don't get one of these people who says some form of "Aint hurting it" That is just fuel on the fire. It was a book store in a large plaza full of other stores selling mindless consumer garbage so its no wonder. There is always a very high ratio of some types of assorted moron at the mall. I am definitely parking in sight and peeking out at it more often. One more reason I like shopping on line. The two places I have been the least worried so far have been the gun show and the gun range, armed society = polite society. It gets a lot of attention at gun shows though, must be the camo paint.
  3. The wife and I went to the book store, one of those national chain book stores that are often on the huge sprawling new plazas and this one was as well. I walk out of the store and look out to the parking lot ahead of me and I see this chubby young woman taking pictures and it seems to be in the direction of my GU... thats fine I guess.. but then I notice she is taking pictures of someone sitting on my GU! oh no! the first thing I think of is my carbs.... But in general I am infuriated. As I approach the one who was taking the pictures is now suspicious that the angry looking man in the leather jacket walking towards them might be the owner while the other one is flapping her yap about it still... young woman maybe 20.. Its hard to tell these days. I could not believe it. I thought there was some universal INSTINCT in people not to touch and definitely not to get on motorcycles?? I guess I was wrong. Now that I know I was wrong I will be hopping into and onto every classic car or motorcycle I see and posing for pics. So, how many of you has this happened to?
  4. Must be the first time anyone tried turn a BMW into a Ural. :thumbsup!:
  5. Is that a Grill? what a mean lunch cart.
  6. Americans have Stockholm Syndrome. MANY have become used to and loyal to the systems that infringe upon and erode our rights and republic. Even wild animals when they are caught and kept eventually grow afraid of their freedom.
  7. I Use the 2wd on dirt roads, in snow and off road. Off pavement that seems to be the place for these machines they suck on the highway.
  8. Excellent collection, so many bikes pressed into service
  9. You are definitely in the majority with a NO. and I do not deny that to most people he will be forgotten if not already. The thread is RON Paul 2008? Ron Paul, What do you think of him? Un-Scientific poll. Ron Paul for president of the U.S. of A? I was asking more what do people think of him and would they like him to win or not. I was not so much asking do you think he can be elected. Although that is relevant as well, But if it was just a question of do you think he will win, I think we would have a lot more in the No columns even from people who might like him to win. and there would be very little comments. As to you caring or not about why I like the guy. I was not stating the reasons because I thought you or anyone else would care. but for others in the forum who might like to say why they don't like him and they do like someone else. I offered my reason to invite those who care to discuss it to offer up their reasons. Its just like any other thread. Nobody really cares what anyone else thinks it is just to humor ourselves or to hear some other input aside from people who just think the same way or agree. I like to bull###### about the topic and forums are for bull######ting.
  10. If "you" is me I would say It is my role in the thread to be on the pro Paul side of debate, Since I am supporting that candidate and I started the thread. It would be boring if I had just started the thread and never replied. If it was about what bikes or bike parts are best it would be the same. If I just said the Gear Up is the best hack and never came back to support my statement at all when someone said No the Retro is, it would be a very boring and short thread of one line statements without any thought put into what traits the different models have. If anyone has an actual trait criticism about the candidate let it be heard. its not very interesting to just say, I am not voting for him and he will hardly be a blip.. etc.. Or try to portray him as some kind of nazi because of some photo with a person who happens to be a racist. The things I like about the guy are that he is consistent on the issues he addresses. He voted against the war in Iraq and he wants to end it now, Not like those candidates who voted for it and now say they want to end it. His stance of sticking to the Constitution, limited government, Honest money, voting no to the patriot act, being pro privacy, voting against the national ID cards that we all get in May of this year. If he has supported some ideal that you are against and do not like him for it, or if he has not supported something you think he should, throw it on the table. It did not seem hard to have an un scientific poll and friendly debate/discussion with some reasoning and be civil.
  11. there are 2 options, avatar and personal photo, I forget what one shows on the board messages... maybe avatar, but if you upload the photo to both you will see what one it is.
  12. I agree with a lot of what your saying PeteT, it is pretty much a circus of total BS, the media would only show us BS and people love to eat it up with the he say she say. But just because we are supposed to have a president and rule of law and not a "Decider" doesn't mean we should not bother voting for the candidate that most supports our point of view or most fits our ideals. If we just blow it off anymore we will find ourselves with no rights. However Aside from Ron Paul I would say there is no point in this election as far as my concerns go. As far as what they have done while in the office they are in, just check them out. Ron Paul reportedly has a very consistent track record. If you are watching TV, listening to radio or reading the paper it is no doubt you have scene or heard little of Ron Paul since he is ignored and even Banned. No candidate is more about the constitution, rights and our sovereignty than Ron Paul and they are all members of the CFR including Fred Thompson. check the website http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ to see what he is about, or take a look on youtube, you can see the debates including Ron Paul. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. here is some clip from the website that you can verify if it interests you "Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution."
  13. its tied up as of this post, 7 to 7 Its not customer support, they are not selling you something. Nobody is looking out for your best interests. You are supposed to be the one who cares who you vote for or not. Waiting around for replies and missing the primary seems very passive or just un-interested.
  14. How about Smear Campaign ? No reports of of any endorsements except when it is a racist, stripper or brothel owner. Banned from debates. mentioned as the underdog, the dark horse, unelectable, etc... when mentioned at all. As much as everyone loves to mention the troops, maybe they could mention how Ron Paul gets more support from the troops than do they others...
  15. The funny thing is how OBVIOUS it is, however that is also the Horror. do we as a nation/people really expect to just turn on the tv and have the truths conveniently directed to our ears and eyes??? are we that trusting and naive? this hand basket is getting mighty warm. you can see the debates on youtube including the parts with Ron Paul. he gets asked a lot of loaded questions but comes out of them knocking a little sense into the otherwise generic punch line debate.
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