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  1. On the other side of this subject I ordered a headlight from Motowadimuss from Ukraine and received in 10 days in western Washington State! I sometimes don't get parts from within the US that quick.
  2. Thanks to my new friend Ivanb I will soon be having my fork and fender to complete my K750 the way I have wanted. Ivan thank you very much for helping me out! I also just received a black-out headlight assembly from the Ukraine that I will be installing at the same time! GU - where are you located? I do have some bits for these forks but not enough to build a complete setup.
  3. Fatbob, If your transplanting why not go with the late / current style Ural leading link fork. I see those regularly on fleabay.
  4. I'll keep you in mind. I'm guessing that style fork may not work well on a solo bike with the geometry. I've read that Dnepr built only sidecar motorcycle through that era.
  5. Would like to purchase early style leading link fork complete or internal parts and top tripple clamp. Located in Washington State. Thank you for looking.
  6. I would have to say an Indian 4 would have to be the ultimate, or a Crocker, or almost anything old and interesting! If only I was born rich and had a larger garage. Now that Wiking is sure interesting!
  7. I will be done. These guys deserve all the best for their sacrifice! Merry Christmas
  8. gspell, She looks like a servivor to me! One great project with a kick ass story to boot! Looking forward to watching your progress. I'd personally like to thank you for your time and service in Iraq. You guys are the best of the best! Anything I can do to help with your project just ask!!
  9. Becky, I get a warning every time I come to the site. MakAfee blocks and removes. Hope things get fixed soon! Thank You
  10. Been there - done that - will not try that again!
  11. Serious & Zach, I appriciate the info. The letter designation is actually cast into the body of each along with PZ28. I actually got to look at both the "D" and "F" carbs because of a packaging mixup from the seller. The "F" carb looked to be a larger main jet but was not marked with a size. I did end up with a matched pair. I left the needles at the second from the top hole in the needle. There are two holes in the slide also that will allow positioning the needle 1/2 a hole. I left in the upper hole as delivered. I'll let you know how it runs out this weekend. The air filter material is designed for the application, and is what many dirt bikes run. It is available in bulk and needs to be sprayed with filter oil to be effective, free flowing and easily cleaned. I removed the original steel mesh except for the bottom screen, cut two solid disks a bit oversized and placed where the mesh was. I'm guessing it flows more free than the original material.
  12. Just right! That one will get more attention than my mock wooden machine gun!
  13. I just purchased a set of PZ28D carbs for my K750 and installed. Purchased thru eBay and the seller told me the PZ28D's were for the sidevalve and PZ28F's fit the OHV Chang. Both look identical so I'd guess the difference to be jetting. I have not had a chance to test ride yet but the bike starts and idles fine with these right out of the box. I checked the main jets to see what size they were and they say 92. I was currious if anyone running these carbs has had to change jetting and if so what size worked best. My engine is freshly rebuilt, new pistons, barrels, valves. Exaust is old fishtails with no baffles left inside, and I removed the original brillow pad air filter element and replaced with two layers of 12mm oiled foam. The bike ran good but rich with the leaky 301's that came with it. I'll let you know what the plugs look like after a test ride.
  14. Ken. Glad to see you made it to the OTHER SIDE!! How about posting that photo here for all to enjoy! Was that a passport photo?
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