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    I Have a dnepr imported from the Ukraine i bought locally from a young man who gave up after trying to convert it to solo,

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    Dnepr MT11 2010 URAL GEAR UP

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  1. Turned out to be the carb boots were slightly off on the right cylinder head had that happen before there has to be a way to keep them on
  2. Recently the Bike became hard to start once running it was OK then it began to bog slightly on staring from stop turns out the plugs were fowled because the breather tube had moisture in it from cold riding. I cleaned the air box and replaced the Plugs it ran good but today it bogged slightly in second gear and it wouldn't start with the kick start it did start with the starter button. Could the carbs be running too rich it does smell a little gassy when running
  3. OldSkool

    My Dnepr

  4. let me know if anyone is interested in my mt 11 has Massahusetts title runs i have spare parts including a spare motor and transmission if interested ill answer all questions
  5. https://providence.c...l    little over priced http://providence.craigslist.org/mcy/5403777381.html
  6. posted this in dealer section by accident looking to trade my 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT for a ural trck has 47000 miles if you have any interest thanks
  7. Ural wanted I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT 6 cylinder with 46000 miles for trade thanks
  8. I dread the spring in Massachusetts not that we have a spring more like sprinter, anyway there is a local motorcycle dealer and a friend of mine is good friends with the owner and we were there getting a tire for her bmw and my dnepr was parked in the lot and one of the shop workers comes out and asks who owns this contraption , I said it belongs to me and he asks if could move it being it was in marked spot he wanted it moved in case fed x or ups made a delivery that was his excuse to bust my balls, Ive grown to the point where I'm tired of brand minded people who look down on other bikes my bike is used all winter and it looks like it ,now at my age Ill give my opinion first of all it's not a contraption it's a dnepr mt 11 and it's more motorcycle than any other that's here and I don't recall seeing you riding this winter season and he walked away I don't like confrontation but I will not have the dnepr poo pooed anymore I know my limits with people there are some that I can't tolerate and that particular man had been eyeing the dnepr on several other visits there and giving me the eye maybe next time he'll be a bit nicer
  9. Problem solved low oil and dead batterie was the culprit
  10. just discovered the batterie is dead
  11. All of a sudden today my oil pressure light came on at idle ? What is this
  12. Want to buy dnepr speedo the one I have is toast
  13. ural cross at dealership massachusetts
  14. Clean that right carb real good all the passages only takes a little dirt to screw it up
  15. My Bucket list is to ride with a Movie Star
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