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  1. Your clutch is dragging. Adjust it for the correct freeplay down on the transmission adjuster.
  2. Your new motor will need a petcock capable of flowing MORE fuel than the stocker so you don't get fuel starvation to the carb. Spend a few bucks and get a pingle. More fuel........less dicking around.
  3. More Dnepr stuff I'm selling, the prices do not include shipping. SOLD -Diode board $5.00 - SOLD SOLD- Like new trouble lite and case (not that you'd need one of these) - SOLD Sold 10 new spokes , these are original Dnepr factory spokes not knock offs(can be hard to find) $25.00 Sold SOLD - Gas Can Rack excellent condition, stock item but darned if I know what size can it holds. - SOLD *** Complete 650 clutch pack very few miles on it $25.00 *** SOLD- Fork Shrouds excellent cond. $25.00 -SOLD SOLD- Front Brake $35.00 -SOLD *** Front Fender $35.00 *
  4. I used the stock BMW headers and mufflers I just had to shorten the pipes some and fab hangers for the mufflers. All in all fairly easy and the exhaust is Beemer quiet. Picture worth 1 K words ?
  5. Wait till the next time they come around...........throw it back at them. :unsure2:
  6. If possible drill a small dia. hole at the end of the crack to relieve the stress and and stop further cracking. Vee out the crack slightly with a Dremel tool and have at it with some J B Weld. If it is not a truly schidty casting the epoxy will fix it for life.
  7. With the wheel jacked up spin the wheel and adjust the brakes untill you can just feel / hear them rub on the drum. Too much drag and they'll overheat so there is a fine line here but when you get it spot on you can grab a "handfull" and you should get plenty of brake.
  8. It is a bolt on the way it sits but there is a sale pending on this one as I'm waitng on a check.
  9. I agree, these are the best fuel taps out there.
  10. Mike if this is the same two wire horn, where do i send the money for both? Yes it is I'll send you a PM and we can work out the details
  11. Ok , under the heading of "that's only so much help" I'll take a few stabs. My wiring schematic sold with my Dnepr but take a look at yours. Does the kill switch ground out the ignition circuit ? If yes then a clean ground will be important. With the ground clean and tight refer to the schematic once more, is the ciruit for the switch meant to handle a lower amperage ignition current ? If so see if the circuit is miswired and passing full battery current. If it is this amount of amps would melt a switch in the way you describe. If the switch is designed only to interupt ignition current then disregard the above and see if the switch is shorting the current to ground when it is not supposed to. Yeah I know........only so much help but maybe it will get you on track with this. Good luck!
  12. $5.00 EACH PLUS SHIPPING . The horn is the usual anemic sounding Dnepr item but would be the correct piece if someone is doing a resto. The gas cap does not have a gasket.
  13. Here is a Ural clutch cable modified for use on a Dnepr. The cable is heavier duty than the stock Dnepr piece and so is the lower cable mounting point. I never got around to mounting it so it is all brandy dandy new. $15.00 plus shipping
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