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  1. A true fried passed, Dennis and I shared many a long conversations over the years, he drove up here several times, was always on the move, the last I spoke with him ,he said the doc told him five months, I was about to call him and a few minutes later his wife called. Dennis was the best, i shall always share the moments with him....Ken Ulrich
  2. when you see the old with the new machines and then the tech stuff, you are truely looking at history, each period had its new never to be improved upon developements,if you study it, you have a life time of education. now with the CNC stuff all you do is put the numbers in, the proper material and pop, out come the parts as long as you pay the light bill, like artifical insemiation, all the fun is gone ....Ken
  3. Thanks guys for the welcome back, got aproblem, need to touch with Rich Winters and have lost his phone #, swapping from one system to another can be a grim task, don't know quite how to acess the members file and other things.....thanks in advance.....Ken
  4. There are so many things that can restrict fuel, BUT by pulling the line at the carb, getting a small bottle or ever a small water glass, turn the fuel on and time for 15 seconds the amount of the fuel flow, you can get GOOD IDEA OF WHAT THE PROBLEM IS..Ken
  5. If you have not located one yet contact me at 715- 297-3236, thats my cell.....Regards Ken
  6. At long last have bit the bullet, now have a new Apple computer, that old pos is history. Which means commications will be much easier and no more pop-ups and just pure manure will not grace my screen. Fore long will be clicking off 83 winters and so are going to start moving more parts to folks out there. I just found out that I can't take them all with me....grin.....so if you need parts, I still have a good supply....Waiting for warm weather.....Ken
  7. I sit proudly at the desk once occupied by a POS dell personal computer, that is and has been for about 10 months screwing up life for me.......now.....ta-dah!!! i am pecking away at and on a new apple just out of the box, learning all about it....slowly...still need the nipples? got them here. Just got back from a two week trip to the deep south, feeding bees, and retreiving a MT-16 from the the city of Houston, it is now shivering at -5F here in Wisc., also got the cutest and smartest yorkshire terrier, my son Mark had her, she now rules the farm, am looking for a husband for her, as she is young, about eight months, and the family is running short of puppies. If anyone has a male standard terrier,horny ans good looking, say the word.....Ken
  8. What you describe, is a lean mixture, richen up the idle, see if that improve things, if so a change to a larger main jet will also improve things. a note here, is that a very slight air leak can lean it out significantly at idle, also you are risking a hole piston running that lean......Ken
  9. IMHO a leading link. with an out of round tire and wheel will induce wheel oscillation quicker than any other condition, I concur with Mr Noe.....Ken
  10. you can always tell a Dutchman, but mot very much
  11. Hi Ken Ulrich here, will be in HOU, in a couple weeks, if you still have it, email me at machrat@gmail.com or 715 297-3236 (cell) Thanks Ken
  12. Kids use to be worth 75.00 buck a month, when I was 17,I think the government got screwed on about 25% of them, more like 75% at this time, especially if they are liberal democrats....my head is down low as I head for the big woods.....Ken
  13. Dnepr deep sumps are still available. ....Ken
  14. To those who wish to fit pistons at home a "feeler gauge" will fit them fine. a size of .004 to.005 of inch will give proper clearance, also there must to a end gap on the rings of .013 Minimum, and if you flog it from time to time , a few more thousands, will not hurt a thing. For pressure cooker carbs, go back and make sure that you have at least .004 thousands of valve clearance.......Ken...... Look for a feeler gauge at any auto parts store or machine tool store.
  15. They will all buff out.....time and talent and elbow grease.......
  16. Hello, rumors of my demise are just that , I rode a bike about four times this year.....carpel tunnel, first hack job was in march, and left hand is to go under the knife in early December. Bees are doing fine but cause me a lot of work, will be taking them to Louisiana in about two weeks. I can no longer hear voice msgs on the phone, but after a year and a half of pleading with the VA for some hearing aids .....This Thursday I get two, will be able to commicate with one and all, especially great grand kids. I also have a sorry computer, time for an Apell......Ken
  17. K-68 and K-65 will both run a Dnepr or Ural just fine IF, repeat If the are properly set up, while one would think that this has been done at the manufactuer, often times that not the case. float levels need to be set precisely, suitable jets, and last but not least, take in account the altitude you will be operating at.I have wore out a set of K68,s , and then rebuilt them and they did better than ever......Ken
  18. Safty Bob lives in a constant high humidity area, i have two sons that live not but a few miles away, and the problem is age old down there. Running the carbs dry by switching the tank off about a block from home seems to do the trick. And another problem is that all crude and consequintly fuel is not the same.....Ken
  19. Folding shovels are important? not here? I must drop mine from the bridge or lose my image....wow...Ken
  20. I am planning to be there some how......Ken
  21. question? paypal does not work, but western union does....yah or nay....Ken
  22. side stands are a blessing, or can be hell on soft ground or in a rainy period. HD's are a very heavy bike and as such lead the way for a long time in side stand design. especially in the selection of lenght of the stand "rod". makeing it long enuff, with afoot pad can save a lot of cussin and grunting when it falls over. even a 500cc rig can be a gut buster when you reach the delicate years, such as I. Son Chris, deals in Suzi GT 750 parts, had a number of side stands that worked out for me.......Ken
  23. I have never tasted napolian brandy, least of all when I'am working on a problem. The first problem is that it is rare to find the crankshaft in the rear end, and with a worn u-joint attached, finding a flail amongst all that, wow! Now you for sure need a beer....several....I don't think you need spanners and hammers, would be too hard to reach the problem....call the nearest proctologist! you don't need me, my practice is limited to Dnepr's......Ken
  24. First, a thank you for all the well wishers on my 82nd birthdy, which prompted me to look back sort of, as I work on or with a piece of work designed or made in my lifetime.......sorry thats about a mouthfull. How ever to move on, Dneprs have been a part of my life for some time, I don't speak the language, and of course I don't know the history very well at all. I do know that the Ukraine has been under the thumb of mother Russia for good part of the last 100 years or so. My trusty HP computer with the XP operating system has got the hiccups,flatus, and other eliminations that render it near worth less.......So in a high learning curve on Lorne' Apple I ran across a word called HOLODOMOR, that in the Ukrainian speak, refers to death by starvation. I continued on and found wikipidia title under that name..,..It is some very somber reading, there are some pictures also very somber. I now see only slightly at most, some of the pain that appears in the work on our beloved Dneprs, by the work man that built them........ I urge you to read that, that has been hidden from us in the past.....and most of this occured at the time frame of my birth in mid April of 1933.................Ken
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