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    looking to sell my bike but wife keeps stealing the for sale sign

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  1. Sold bike what do you think a lazy 16 year old is worth?
  2. Just like title says, or should I just get it locally at a paint shop? Thanks
  3. I am checking in. Life gets busy Also I have a 16 year old BOY Does anyone want to buy my bike?
  4. Still must be the off season. Just relicensed the bike.
  5. It Is Not A CMSI !!! It comes with owners and service CD's Side car light,touch up paint,new front brake pads,new petcock,updated denso alt,updated fusebox,extra driveshaft coupler. Deep sump oil pan,magnetic drain plugs, TwinMax to maintain carbs. newer seat covers. Carbs were jetted up after purchase. I have copy of certificate of origin and receipt of purchase from WAGNERS Thanks
  6. It has 10500KM always garaged new tires new Power=Arc ign. Cyl head temp gauges. Carbs just been through. extra relays, cables, Everything works Lots more.
  7. I put the POWER ARC system togather and HOLY CRAP the bike runs like it never has before.
  8. Loose valves are cheaper than burn't valves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. Does anyone have a photo they can post of a Power Arc ignition installed on a Ural? Thanks
  10. steve

    I was curious where you lived I will be selling my 2003 patrol in the spring.

    I bought it new and its in great shape,

    always garaged, thanks Steve

  11. Thanks for all of your replies! I have been through 3 ignitions systems all warranty. I think the POWER ARC Is the latest and greatest and after Chrismas I will look into one. Thanks Again
  12. I need a new ignition system for my 2003 Patrol. So what is available and how proud are they of them? THANKS
  13. My type 5 ign on my 2003 Patrol just died after a grueling 9900kms. How much is a type V or the newer one? I did troubleshoot it and as soon as I installed the old type IV that was original equipment and it fired right up but this old one dies when hot hence the type V. Budget is gone but I need to know. A Ural that does not run is a Lot of things I can't say on this forum or to myself. So one way or another it MUST be fixed according to dog and my 12 year old son. Thanks
  14. Earlier this evening I was reading this site and when I clicked I was told "account suspended" What did I do or was this just a glitch? Really I did not buy a Harley or a honda, you can't prove it anyways. I like my Patrol.
  15. OK As of today and a e-mail I pulled my ign cover and checked connections and then I swapped plug wires on cyls. For a witness I put the dog in the sidecar and took the bike out. What the hell no popping. I only rode 3 miles and will need more time to make a opinion. Also the dog voiced the opinion that he must be along to witness the actual ride and the squirrels. Will give update.
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