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  1. So my bakolite caps meaning non resistor plugs.
  2. Promise not to post everywhere. Last question about plugs. BP6HS or BR6HS The p suggests a protruding electrode which the r does not have I ask as my Russian plugs which have a11 on them do not have a protruding electrode? Thank you
  3. Will do. Thank you for your help. It's very much appreciate. Sorry if they are silly questions but can't find much info out there and know nothing about dnepr. Didn't know they existed until I saw one on eBay 2 months ago and bought it
  4. Sorry again I have a bp6es plug and it is twice the length of the one in it. Looking at ngk website the BP6E. Has the same thread Length??
  5. Thank you Never sure what the differences are especially as I have an mt9 with mt10 engine does the 12v not just make it a late mt9 or mt10 36
  6. Can i ask which plugs to use for a dnepr mt9/10 please. Someone said bp6, i have a bp6hs but they are far too long. Any help would be much appreciated thanks JP
  7. Lol didn't think to look there. MT9
  8. So is this the mt09 or mt10-36? LT logbook says 1974 mt09
  9. Thanks for your help by the way :-)
  10. What site is ss?
  11. Were there any mt9 years with a 12v regulator.by chance?
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