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  1. My bike is problaby to old to have a handbrake,its a 68,(Say so in pappers anyway)or just missing it Yust putting in the 1st gear sometimes feels a little week. is it a real simmple thing not hard to make,with some iron and welding? pictures of the this "Thing"would be nice regards håkan
  2. shi....no wonder it has no power. time to go to ural central...:-) thanks for al answers håkan
  3. hi i have now messured it,and i come up to close to 4 laps,that sounds like 3.89 drive. is that solo?
  4. hi. I am starting to wonder if i have a solo drive on my dnepr. When i sometimes drive witout the tubb its ok and strong,but with the tubb on it has bad power on 4 gear,with a monkey in its terrible. When i bought the rigg i was very "newbee" and dident think so much about that. Is ther some easy way to determine wich drive i have,without pulling al in little pieces?can i maybee count the lapps on the axle/wheel? Please teach me :-)
  5. yes,you can make a "sort of" bmw r71 I have a chang ging stearingbar with m72? trottle,brake and couppling "hooks", Knee protectors(selfmade),K750 petroltank,i have also lowered the front fender,and soon whil make some bars to putit in the right place. I whil also lower the backfender 2-3 inch. but al this dont stop the oil from dripping :-) Whel...it locks and feeels more retro :-)
  6. hi i like these handlebars wery much,it adding much retrostyle to the mc, i also noticed i dont have to use so much power to use the front brake,becuse the "hook" is on the outside. I also had to convert the two trottle cables,to fit in the trottle handle,no big job. i used original dnepr cables I have k68,s and the only problem i have is that,the trottle haandle not go back to idle pos.when i loosen my hand,maybee becuse more friction or to week springs in the carburator. The frontbrake cable is a little short,but i converted a clutchcable insted,being a little longer. I think my handlebar holders are from a k750,i have seen these on ebay. here is my:
  7. thanks for answer I think i take them down to some 106mm. Can i do this in a lathe (svarv)?any special problem.I can handle this macine but i have newer done a cyllinder in it.
  8. i have an dnepr 650 from the 90,s.with cyllinders,and pistons of the older rounded type. i have a bought a new set of cyllinder and pistongs of the newer flater type. i have noticed that the new cyllinders are 109 mm long, arent they supposed to be 106-107mm?
  9. hi i have a dnepr 650 am wondering to try a higher ratio on my bike. sometimes i drive it as a solo,with sidecar drive gear. I think original is 8/37 and solo 9/35 i now there is a "superfast gear" also does the upgrades to a higher ratio does much km/h extra?
  10. thanks for answer i have a "stumbling"in high rpm,so i have to order some to test. smart thing with the cocktail stick,had a little wonder about hove to measuring them did find some frome a swedish dealer,but is it 5 or 6 mm i need? håkan
  11. want to now wher i could get some jets whit lower and higher # so i can test the best size. Are they interchangebla with some outher brand? have now #55 and 190 Håkan
  12. after i noticed a different between right and left cyllinder in performence i canged some parts like rings,valves,valve guides(could mowe valve 1-2 mm in side ;-)lapped them and they are now tight. I noticed that the wrist pin bushing also needed replacemant becuse i could move the piston in a maner you are not suposed to,to much clearence. i dident have that part so i dident exchange it, Now i cant notice any big different or more powerfull engine,and its drives me nut after these houers in garage. could it be the wrist pin bushing?is it most important for the bushing to be tight
  13. on my cyckle one is ground,grounded when i push the horn button. the other is + So the horn is activated when it gets Ground.
  14. on my dnepr 650 it was the same problem i just take of the hole foot brake,put it in a wise and bent it about one inch(or two) to the left.(towards mc) I dident have the extra"thing" to the footbrake like yours,sidecar brake? but maybee you have to extrakt that to follow the bending. On my dnepr the metall was soft to bend when cold,i used a big hammer,the only thing a dnepr understand :-)
  15. I havent seen this parts loose,i think its ewen easyer to bay a new pet,they cost about 10-15 $
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