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    One fine day poking around eBay I happened to do a search for "bikes with sidecars". To my amazement, a little jewel showed up. One bid later and a few weeks time and I had my very own Dnepr. I had no knowledge of these bikes prior although I'd seen similar bikes in movies (e.g. Indiana Jones) and always liked the styling. Here I thought all this time they were BMW's.....close enough as it were. What a ride....and I had no idea they'd attract so much attention.

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  1. Very sad, I remember meeting him a couple years ago at the FART rally. He was great fun to talk to.
  2. Sadly, probably won't make it this year. Wife has a photography conflict and I gotta stay home with the young-uns.
  3. yeah, that's a fact! But we love 'em anyway
  4. I too love this sort of history in pictures. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Hope to make it, a lot of things going on so may just come out for the day. Would be great to see everyone again.
  6. Looks like a fantastic time and once again sorry to have missed it this year. Had a schedule conflict that weekend but will double efforts to make next years. Thanks for posting the videos!
  7. Awesome build, everything looks great! I especially like the lens protector. The first year I dated my girlfriend (who later became my wife) she accidently kicked out the front lens on the sidecar with her boot. Something like that would've definitely saved the day.
  8. Hi all, I'm doing a budget rebuild on an MT-11 and hoping anyone may have some of the spares I have listed below: Differential axle joint (the part that contains the universal joint) brake switch front and rear exhaust system ("J" tubes and mufflers) clutch shaft (through transmission) pm me please with pics would be great thx Todd
  9. I've yet to see any Dnepr threads that didn't need this service. I've got a couple heads that I think are beyond salvage but I may ship them out to you for a opinion. Thanks for sharing Ken!
  10. The correct order from the crank outward is crank, gasket with keyway cutout, centrifuge assembly, smaller paper gasket, rubber seal, washer/shim, then finally bolt with lock washer. That coil appears to be the Harley coil or at least a generic brand Harley style coil. There is a member, located in Florida I think, that offers a electronic ignition setup at a reasonable price. A good product that can be had fairly quickly. If u search the forum for ignition problem posts you should be able to find them quickly as I cannot remember their name.
  11. Another event right in our back yard, will try and make this one.
  12. Wow, right in our back yard. Sadly we have prior commitments that take us out of town that week. Hopefully next time!
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