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  1. Thanks a lot Chriss, I think I will do the same as you, I will put another switch on the handlebar for the lights and horn because I have a chang jiang headlight and it hasn't got the place to fit it inside the headlight.
  2. Hello TassieChris, thanks a lot for the info, when you have time, please, send me pics under the switch control on handlebar, I think I will put another swicht for the lights hahaha. My best regards!!!!
  3. Hello dear friends, how are?? Well, I need some help to install lights and horn on this control: I don't know how I have to put the electric cables and more, could someone help me?? If you have pics, it will be better for me!!! Kind regards!!!
  4. It's a chang jiang gearbox, like k750, could be 11x25x5???
  5. Hello dear friends, how are you?? Please could tell me someone the measures of this seal, please, take a look at number 22 of this picture?? My gear box is chang jiang.
  6. Hello uraltourist, thanks a lot for all. I need one more question, did you buy this kind exactly of intakes?? could you put a picture of your carbs and intakes?? kind regards and thanks a lot!!!
  7. Hello people, how are you? I dismounted the shock absorver to paint it, but now I don't remember the position of silenblock, could someone if goes in this position or Im wrong and goes in the other position?? kind regards and thanks a lot!!!
  8. Hello people, could help me someone with a picture to see what is the better position of the alternator on k750 engine?? with a picture in front of the camshaft for example?? thanks a lot and regards!
  9. Hello people, my name is Nicolas, from Spain and I want to install a new deeper oil sump but I don't know very well if the pump goes to clockwise or counterclockwise. Im looking larger pumps on mh motor world (china) but they don't tell me any clear response!!! Could tell me something about it?? I need to know what pump I must buy. Remember that I have restoring a k750! http://www.ebay.es/itm/CJ750-large-flow-oil-pump-clockwise-M72-/251191496001?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a7c2e0d41 http://www.ebay.es/itm/CJ750-large-flow-oil-pump-counterclockwise-M72-/251191496018?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a7c2e0d52 Thanks a lot friends!
  10. How much the cardan? shipping to spain?? how much?? kind regardS!
  11. First, thanks a lot Dave. Another thing, I want to use the stock air filter, the original, how I can modify to use it??
  12. Hi dave, do you mean rubber mounts?? I mean this, I need to know how must measure indicated in a red arrow.
  13. Hi man, how are you? I come with new carbs!!! 64/32/351 and 352! from USA! hehehe. Now Im talking with a man who could be build the intake adapters using inox! But I have to tell him how must measure the adapter (long in wich introduces in carb) I don't know if you understand me!! hehe.
  14. Well, if I buy the intake manifold from this english guy that measures less than 53mm I only have to drill each hole 1mm and will be ok?? I preffer plug and play but in this case I can't, I will drill hehehe.
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