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    I only recently even learned of these bikes, but am very interested. I've had a number of mostly non-operational Harleys over the years, and now want something I can actually ride.

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  1. It's been awhile since this was posted. Is it still available?
  2. By any chance, is this still for sale? Jim
  3. Still available?
  4. Could you post a few pictures? That always helps.
  5. One other question. What's the top speed I could reasonably get out of an MT 11 without causing it to shed parts? I've been looking also at the MT 16s advertized on this forum, my only concern is not being able to even minimally keep up with others on a dice run. I don't need highway speeds. I avoid freeways like the plague, but might want to do more than the 45 mph of the MT 16.
  6. thanks for the quick replies. I've thought about tossing my hat in this ring, but I'm no mechanic, other than basic maintenance. It sounded to me like he didn't know what he had, or what he was talking about. If it stays cheap, I might bite, but not if the price starts to soar.
  7. Can anyone tell me which model this is, what would be a reasonable price, and what issues I should look for? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281150295210#ht_875wt_1021 Thanks Jim
  8. I'm pretty new to all things Dnepr. I've been reading the posts, but haven't seen anything describing the differences between the models. I see MT9, MT11, MT16, etc. What are the main differences between them? Are the designations chronological, or major differences like the difference between an old Chevy Impala and the Nova? Is one more geared for slow, offroad use and another more for paved roads? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm in no big hurry. Actually, I need to sell my '74 Ironhead Sportster to be able to work any deals. Having just moved into a new place that needed complete renovation, I haven't had time to do some minor work on it to make it saleable. I'm taking it to a friend who owes me; hoping to have it on the market in a week or two. Then I can get serious about a hack.
  10. Thanks for the info. When you say the engines are the weak part, what should I be expecting? I don't hot rod stuff, so I'm not worried about spinning a bearing or anything like that, but I've been told that these Dneprs can have stuff just break apart for no apparent reason. I like the slower ride, but occasionally would need to get up to 55 or so.
  11. I've posted questions on a few different threads, and everyone has been very helpful. This is for Dneprlover or anyone else who has experience with these machines. I wasn't sure how to respond to a specific post, so here it is. Being new to the world of Ural and Dnepr, I have a question. I've been told that the Dnepr, being made for military use, will run all day at 35-45 mph, but that normal highway speed of 55 could be damaging to either the engine or drive train. Normally, I'm quite comfortable at these lower speeds, but on the occasion where I would want to ride with others, I would need to be able to get to 55-60 for short periods of time. Can the Dnepr handle this? I could swing a Dnepr right about now, but there are precious few Urals in my neck of the woods, the few I've seen are pretty pricey, and I can't justify $10-15,000 for a new machine. I don't even spend that on my cars. I've seen a couple MT 16s advertised on this site at a price I could afford. Do you think a Dnepr would handle the task, or should I keep saving my money for a Ural?
  12. Max, Thank you for your detailed response to my questions. You're right; I've asked the same kinds of questions before. Your response is the best yet. You can understand I'm a bit hesitant. I can do basic wrenching, but I'm no mechanic. And here in rural western New York, there aren't any people I know who have experience with these machines. I have a '74 Sportster now that needs a small amount of work to get back on the road. Haven't had time to work on it since moving here in May. I also have a '42 Harley WLA flathead 45 that's supposed to be getting a rebuild, but so far has only been a money pit. So I am a bit wary of old machinery that needs what I can't give it right now. On top of it all, my budget is somewhat limited. The plus side is, the kind of driving you say these are good for is just what I like to do. When it comes to motorcycles, the interstate and me aren't even friends. I like about 45mph on the back roads. When I retire next year, I am thinking I would like to go cross country on a hack, all back roads. I don't know if this would be the machine to do it with, but maybe it would get me started. Thanks again for your reply.
  13. I'm new to all things Ural and Dnepr, so don't know the differences between models. I can't afford a new Ural, and haven't been able to find any used ones. I understand Dnepr is out of business. What does this mean for service, parts availability, etc? I can do some wrenching, but not the kind of stuff you've done to this machine. Lastly, would this outfit make a trip across the state to the Erie Pa area, or would it need to be shipped? Thanks.
  14. Since I'm new to everything Ural and Dnepr, there's a lot I don't know. The most important thing for me right now is, would this rig make the trip across the state to the Erie area? Or would it need to be shipped? That is, assuming it's still available.
  15. I've been around long enough to know if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I was a bit skeptical before, but the Orlando phone call was what really set my antennae on edge. I don't have enough greed in me to give anyone even a dime before seeing and checking out the product. There's always a catch, but as you say, the hook is buried deep, and you only feel it when it's too late.
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