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    Need expert advice--knowing that the BMW/URAL/DNEPR/CHANG JIANG family history is strong--knowing that some parts for my R50 are made of unobtainium--I need someone to guide me to resources that show what parts are interchangeable--I want to repair and ride my bike but Stymie is my new name.

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  1. Apologies to all who have taken the time to log on and contribute--I have been beavering away in my 100 degree garage--It's the monsoon time in Central Florida--fryingpan hot and steamroom humid--it also didn't help that I lost my password !!!--I have decided to make this project take a little longer and cost a little more by just buying either used Beemer stuff or aftermarket that fits--when I started I could find precious little to buy--it seems in the past month or so several people have started parting out R50's 60's 69's--and parts from all three (years depending) will fit--also the leads ya'll have sent me have been fantastic--BenchWorks in particular has been helpful--better prices than most on a lot of hardware and VERY generous with phone counseling--they have talked me in off the ledge twice---
  2. Thanks to all who have helped my headache- -i'm sorting my options--printing manuals and lists--saving my allowance (social security haha) and taking a breath--looks like what i would save buying parts that "sort of fit" i will spend welding/bending/cursing-- HAPPY RIDING TO ALL--KEEP IT BETWEEN THE LINES when coloring and up on 2 wheels---bye for now--"Z" by the way Kubelman comes from the name of the car that inspired the VW Thing--the WWII Kubelvagen or "bucketcar"--the staff car the germans used as their "Jeep"--again thanks to all
  3. the records stuck the records stuck the records stuck
  4. hope this gets through--i've replied 4 times in the last hour and aol is crapping on me--the bike is mostly there--the missing stuff is expensive--steering damper assembly--earles fork top plate--all the rubber--the carb tubes are $200 from bmw--metal when rubber would do nicely--the original seat is crap but i want a solo anyway but not for $400---many thanks for all the replies from people on their weekends--what a great group and site
  5. thanks-the bike is mostly there--the missing stuff is expensive--all the rubber--earles fork top plate--steering damper assembly--2 brake shoes--the carb intake tubes are metal and $200 a pair from bmw--absurd when rubber would do nicely--the big seat is original but crap--want a solo anyway but not for $400--its completely apart so bead blasting/paint/polish is easy--then wrenching it all together--thanks to everyone who gave some of their weekend to help me from my ignorance
  6. the bike is mostly there--what is missing is expensive--steering drag assembly--earles fork top plate--headlight bucket/guts/glass--a couple brake shoes--i have the coffeecan taillight but no guts/glass--lots of other stuff thats not too costly--cables--all the rubber--wiring harnesses--the big seat is original but crap--really want a solo anyway but $400 is absurd--the 2 part aircleaner (choke type) housing is almost mint but filterless--bike is all in pieces needing cleaning/paint/polish----I sincerely thank allwho have weighed in on this during their weekend--you've given me good direction--
  7. the bike is nearly complete but what is missing is expensive--steering drag assembly--carb intake tubes-earles fork top plate--headers and mufflers--headlight bucket/guts/glass--i have the coffeecan taillight but no guts/glass--was hoping at least the carb tubes were available as knock-offs as BMW wants $200 for the pair in metal when rubber would do nicely
  8. thanks Peter--most detailed information i've received--i knew the folks at this site would have the insights gained from busted knuckles and cashed checks--my VW rebuild was much easier it seems now--the parts diagrams that say R50 seem to have parts that aren't listed with numbers--parts that differ from PDF to PDF--one steering damper seems to have 15-20 parts another has 5-6--the Ebay sellers list parts that say they fit 4-5 models of bike but list no part #'s--then tell you "check Max BMW to see if this part fits your bike"--without a # how's that possible ? just a longer way of saying Caveat Emptor i suppose but not helpfull in parting me from my money !! THANKS AGAIN all the russkiemetalmembers
  9. thanks Mike--all the heavy metal/moving parts are here and whole--i'm looking for interchange of rubber parts--the steering drag assembly--brake shoes/linings--the solo seat--i don't want to re-engingeer the bike just find some parts that dont cost gold teeth fillings--
  10. thanks--as they say " i'm not in it for the money" but for the fun--the guy i bought this "95% there " basket case from said buy NO russian/chinese parts--I will get as much OE/Repro as possible but have hope that someone will actually have the info i seek--what parts--rubber/brake shoes/linings/cables/solo seat/whatever fit BMW from URAL/DNEPR--? maybe nobody knows--i am hoping someone does--just trying to expand my choices--
  11. Thank you--I have had contact with Mr Vechorik at Benchworks--very nice guy--has a reputation as a guru so what he says is actionable--thanks for the other sites--i'll head there--what i'm inferring from the replies so far is that not much is applicable from the Ural/Dnepr/Chang bloodlines to BMW--I was hoping for affordable rubber parts--the adaptability of the solo seat--just trying to save money--
  12. Yes..thanks..how about some items like air intake tubes or brake shoes--those kind of simple items
  13. would the exhaust system fit my '56 bmw r 50 ?--
  14. WOW ! Thanks for the Rapid Reply--the parts I'm interested in are: rubber parts--exhaust headers/mufflers--spark coil--wheel bearings and brake shoes/components ---brake/throttle/clutch cables--handlebar switches--piston rings--can I make the solo saddle fit the Beemers frame--lots of questions I know but you see where I'm going-- parts that were probably replicated between the designs--
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