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  1. $12,000 for a new Ural! Is that in the US? Down here they go for around $20,000. A price I'm not prepared to pay. Closer to $16K, actually. But having first owned a new 1998 Ural, I can say they are actually worth the price now! Really good machines by comparison. Almost mainstream in function, maintenance, and reliability. And still have the old world riding fun. ~RN I usually agree with Russ, but not this time. Urals are still in the 1950s in reliability and performance. On performance, I don't want to ride a sidecar rig of any brand at the speeds I used to ride solos. My BMW R90 rig could cruise all day at 90mph. Still, I wasn't happy riding over 60. SO I don't want speed in my Ural. But I would sure like to maintain 60, or even 50 while pulling a hill or fighting headwinds. So a little more modern age performance would be good! On reliability, on my 2012 Yamal I have already had to replace my starter at about 3,000 km. This past weekend my final drive fractured while riding a smooth gravel road in 1 wheel drive at 20 mph. Only 5k on the odometer. I've owned a lot of BMWs and never had a final drive failure, even with my 1981 R100RS which I have had since new, and have ridden over 200,000 miles. I agree that the Urals have improved over the last few years, but they're a long ways from "…mainstream in function, maintenance, and reliability."
  2. I ordered my patches thru Sallen about a year ago, and they arrived in a short time. Even though I ordered the full set I opted not to use the lower MC rocker because I didn't want the 1% MC club 2 digit IQ midgets to think the Russians were taking over their turf. So I had my own lower rocker made locally.
  3. Phil, unless you're mechanically inclined and enjoy wrenching I'd step away from the 650s. They exist in the era of the 40s, i.e. ride, repair, repeat. I would not want to rely on shipping large component parts from Russia. Could get expensive. Depending on how much you want to spend up front, you're further ahead by buying a 750cc Ural. And the newer, the better, as they have a legacy of continual improvements. You can find used 750s thru the usual channels in the 6 to 7K range. Even less if you only require 1-wheel drive. Having said all that, I just had a final drive failure on my 2012 750cc model. Newer model, still old technology.
  4. Stay off the super slab with your Ural! Ride your HD or Honda on the slab. I am a back roads guy, preferably unpaved. 2nd or 3rd gear riding. I don't find 4th gear until I'm back on paved roads. When I get on paved roads I'm usually going 50 to 55 mph (80 - 88 kph). Nothing in the Ural's design is intended for high-speed riding.
  5. I have not seen much response to this posting. I have been to a couple BMW swap meets that were large. I don't expect that from Ural riders (we're a smaller group), but these BMW swap meets started small and grew over the years. So I am still hopeful. I see items for sale in several forums. This would be a good time to put the eyes of prospective buyers on your used parts, farkles, or motorcycles. PM me for questions or if you're interested in participating. Let's make it happen! Cheers!
  6. I'm a little late for Merry Christmas 2015. So let's make this a Happy New Year wish for this whole bedraggled Ural brotherhood!
  7. I don't do cold so well any more. Wet and cold? Hell No!! Happy New Year Bob!
  8. Sallen, I think he listed his sale price: $7,600; $8,100; $7,250. Yeah, I'm a little confused too. And also about the repeated disclaimers re: not needing help selling it. ???
  9. Are you referring to the hand shifter? If so, why do you want a used one for a 2015 Gear Up? The new ones are only a little over $200 dollars from Raceway Ural. You can buy the forward and reverse hand shifter for about $100 more. It's a new Ural. Buy new accessories! And while you're at it, check out the awesome hand-built brass shifter knobs from Riley Anderson on Facebook. Good riding! Cheers mate!
  10. I used to have an '05 Patrol. I like chocolate shakes, but not in my gearbox. I second Russ Noe's analysis. Replace your speedo cable boot. Drain the choco shake out and give it some fresh oil.
  11. I've heard that a wooden dowel would never work as a centering tool for clutch installation, except that I have used one in many clutch changes with no problem. Sometimes we create problems by over thinking a procedure before working it.
  12. Counter-leaning adds ballast to your sidecar.
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