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  1. Thanks motoj, I have used this same procedure in another life to re-magnetize signal generators. I will report back with results.
  2. do you mean spin it with drill motor ? Should I hook up a battery and the pp302 to test it ?
  3. I have a mid-fifties KMZ flathead that is being re-assembled. I have traced a partial ground to the 6v generator. This translates to the 6V + main fuse having a partial ground. I have blown out the carbon dust and inspected the brushes with no effect. Before connecting the battery and finding smoke coming out of the generator I need to understand it's operation. G 414 generator, PP 302 regulator, negative ground Bruce
  4. Thanks guys, the cover came off like a charm with your help. Just have to clean up all the fitter marks left after trying to get it off using right hand threads. What is best lube for the splines on both ends of the driveshaft when I re-assemble. I was planning to use "never seize" Bruce
  5. just to close the loop on this, the crankshaft timing gear key had fallen out and the valves and sparks were both way late, an easy fix once I discovered the key laying in the bottom of the timing gear cover. Bruce
  6. What holds the U-Joint cover to the final drive housing. I am hesitant to attack it with a pipe wrench but it seems to be threaded on? In addition the driveshaft itself just slipped out of the front coupling and final drive when the right rear plunger was removed. Should it be secured at either end ?
  7. I was thinking the along the same lines, the bike was licensed and a daily runner with the sidecar attached and twisted frame. I am hoping to attach a slightly newer Dnepr sidecar from Crawford Sales in Michigan. Bruce
  8. The tape measure is on the centre line of the frame backbone.
  9. mid-fifties KMZ M-72 with short leading link fork has a seriously bent frame. I was not to apparent until I tried to adjust the steering head bearings. The head tube is way off to the right, the entire rear section of the frame is also over to the right and off level. I will try to post pics when I figure out how to shrink them down to a reasonable size.
  10. I am considering buying these PZ28D carbs for my mid fifties KMZ flathead to replace K68Y installed by the previous owner. They look way too modern, run poorly. Post if you get the PZ28 working well. Bruce
  11. KMZ side valve mid fifties vintage short leading leak fork leaks oil. Before I dig into it, has anyone seen a drawing or parts list for this fork.
  12. The M72 runs on 1 cyl more often than not. I am about to try the carb balancing procedure with the bike jacked up and running in gear. Is is safe to remove a plug cap while running of is there a way to ground out 1 side safely ? (safe for the coil)
  13. Turns out the overheating was just oily headers and cylinders burning off the residue. 10Km test ride yesterday went OK. The bike starts good, carburates just off idle well, runs on full throttle well but everything in the middle is rough. K68s have little adjustments available, I have tried all needle positions with little difference. Bruce
  14. Now that the bike runs, I am discovering lots of work. The 1st test run (3 blocks) the gen light went out at speed. Todays ride (10 km) the gen light stayed lit and got brighter as the revs increased/ PP-302 regulator, 6v neg ground. Bruce
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