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  1. Have you considered making one for the 2WD lever?
  2. Spyder


    Am I the only person who wants to see pictures of the hat?
  3. Would you happen to have a picture of their colors?
  4. Hooyah, troop! I badly wanted to join the Army, but they nixed that idea when they found out I knew who my father was. I guess we both had it tough, how copy?
  5. Beautiful rig you have there. How about some dirty porn? That hack driveshaft ain't just for looks
  6. Holy CRAP! You have a bloody ton of stuff on there - right on!
  7. The $64 question! But we can see here that it exists, so that's a step in the right direction.
  8. I didn't take it negatively SB, just weighin' in :unsure2:
  9. Indeed it does, but more importantly can the roof be had commercially?
  10. Harvested from Picasa; I have no details on this but looks like it is along the lines of what you're looking for?
  11. I don't mind DF at all. I think if you're gonna run a bike like these you should accept it as fact that folks are gonna want to talk about it. I know it can be a PITA sometimes but that's the burden we bear as RPOC/CPOC pilots; we knew damned well what we were in for before we bought it, because I would guess 99.9% of folks who buy one do research first, and during the course of that research learn about it. For the .1% who didn't, there is no way in Hell they could expect to ride such an "odd" bike and not have people be curious about it. I'd be willing to bet lots of folks come into the foil after delaying a pilot...
  12. I dunno, but that's a sweet lookin' bike!
  13. He'd lose my business there, because there is no way in Hell I'm getting into a sidecar driven by a pilot I don't know personally. I would prefer to demonstrate my hack ability and sign a waiver absolving the tour company of all responsibility, then follow the guide.
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