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    2006 Ural Raven
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    Not much of a story really. Woke up one morning back in December with the vague dream of a motorcycle with a sidecar stuck in my brain. A few days later while cruising on the internet, I ran across a picture of a Ural Raven. I found a dealer in California who still had one and I sent him a check. Two weeks later it showed up here in PInehurst NC and I have been riding it to work ever since. I work at Ft Bragg and it is about 30 miles one way. One single road of rolling hills and lot's of wind gusts, some at 30-40+. The first time I got hit with one gust I almost shit myself. Anyways....the bike is a big hit on post. I work in a Special Forces Battalion and I guess it appeals to all the oddballs that make up SF. Bill Gunter

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  1. CRAP FINAL PLAN DATES: 28-30 April 2017 LOCATION: 814 McDowell County Trail Deep River Campground Asheboro NC, 27203 CONTACT INFORMATION: #336-629- 4069 (Ask for Linda and specify you are part of the CRAP Rally), deeprivercampground.com , Contact Information for Bill Gunter: 910 315 9525 (Cell), Email: wegunter@yahoo.com, Soviet Steeds Handle: WEGUNTER COSTS: $20 per night for the group tent camping area. Payment is in cash at time of registration at the campground office. If you are interested in an RV site or one of the cabins, contact Linda at Deep River for availability and pricing . CAMP GROUND FACILITIES: Kitchen (with stove and fridge) , pavilion/dining area. Numerous fire rings and picnic tables all available in the group camp area. Campground also includes lake stocked with fish, swimming pool, very clean restrooms with showers and a campground market. Ice and firewood are available. Wood prices are $5 a bundle. (Yes we can bring our own wood as long as we don’t get crazy about it) For more detailed information, please visit the Deep River Campground web posting. GROUP CAMP GROUND: The group campground has already been reserved for tent camping. We already have the entire area so there is no need to call and reserve a particular spot. The group camp site comprises the area from the entrance parking lot, around the group pavilion and around the southeast side of the lake. Appear to be some trees for hammock dwellers in the far southeastern corner. RESTRICTIONS: There are very few restrictions but as usual we need to employ common sense and normal courtesy. There are some long-term residents living in the RV park so we will need to be cognizant of our late night carousing. In addition, the camp owner does not want vehicles on the grassy field. For those people trailering their rigs, please unload your rig in the parking lot at the top of the hill and we will marshal vehicles and trailers around the maintenance shed located at the entrance to the campground. ITINERARY: 0900 28APR: Arrive any time after 0900, register and set up 1400 28APR (Approx.) Maintenance Classes hosted by Van and Bob 1830 28APR: Group Dinner at the American Roadhouse in Asheboro 2000 28APR: General buffoonery around the campfire 0800 29APR: Pancake breakfast sponsored by Tubarick 0930 29APR: Group Ride (See Ride Description) 1430 29APR: Return to camp and prep for group dinner/More maintenance classes 1830 29APR: Group dinner (Meal plan to be published) 2000 29APR: CRAP Awards Ceremony 0800 30APR: Pancake Breakfast sponsored by Tubarick 1000 30APR: Clean up and pack out. No specified time for departure. GROUP RIDE DESCRIPTION: Depart camp around 0930 and head west on 64 through Asheboro to Delk’s Military Surplus. Leave Delk’s and head south on Moore Road to Old Route 49 to Silo’s Smoke House for lunch. Leave Silo’s Smoke House and skirt Uharwie national Forest to the North Carolina Aviation Museum. Leave Aviation Museum and head south through the Uharwie National Forest to the Pisgah Covered Bridge for photo op. Depart bridge heading east on Pisgah Covered Bridge Road across Interstate 220/74 and pick up Business 220. Head north on Business 220 into Asheboro. Ride ends at this point and riders can break up and head for campground or local shopping. (Note: there is a Harbor Freight located in the Asheboro Mall . GROUP MEAL PLAN: Friday lunch is on your own. There are numerous restraints and food shops along Route 64 within 2 miles of the campground. Friday evening meal will be at the American Road House. The meals on Saturday (Breakfast and Dinner) are potluck so we will rely on contributions from everyone. Local riders will try and provide the bulk of the meals but we will need contributions. We will publish a spreadsheet of requested items so people can sign up for a dish or an item. Spreadsheet will be published momentarily . UPDATE: As of 21 March I am tracking 32 rigs and 54 people signed up for this event. If you have not yet posted on Soviet Steeds or Russian Iron and indicated that you plan to attend, please send me an email. Please indicate your type of rig, number of people in your party and whether you are tent camping. If you plan on trailering your rig I need to know that as well. Bill
  2. Snapper, If you bringing an RV, give Linda a call at Deep River Campground and reserve a spot. Not sure you will need an actual RV pad or not since yours is only 12' cargo. But talk to her anyways. Price for RV spots is 35 a night/Tent camping is only 20 per night. Give me a shout if you need assistance Bill
  3. Heads up. Location for CRAP rally has switched to the Deep River Campground off 64 on the outskirts of Asheboro. Please acknowledge if you are coming and whether you are tent or RV. Dates are still the same 28-30 April. Tent prices are $20 per night, still negotiating on cut rate RV prices Bill
  4. CRAP LOCATION CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All concerned. Due to scheduling problems with the mill we have moved CRAP to the Deep River Campground just outside of Asheboro. This is a really great campground and they are anxious to host us. This is a KOA campground so it has all of the amenities one would expect. Flat rate of $20 per night per tent payable at the main office when you show up. RV's you will pay tent prices as long as you do nor require water and sewage hook up. Also there are cabins available as well. We have the group camp area so no need to make your own reservations (unless you want a cabin or full RV pad) I will put out more details as soon as we get closer, but I wanted to get this change out there as fast as possible. We have the group camp area already reserved. Here are the details: Deep River Campground 814 McDowell Country Trail, Asheboro NC 27203 Phone 336 629 4069 deeprivercampground.com Location: Approximate 3 miles from outskirts of Asheboro, East on 64. Turnoff is the corner of 64 and Lofflin Pond Road Dates for CRAP remain the same 28-30 April. Folks can also show up early and just pay for an extra night. If you do end up calling them, make sure you ask for Linda and let her know you are with the CRAP rally. Once again the group site is already reserved. Only reason to call is if you want a cabin or full RV site Bill
  5. Looks like it is going to be a great rally. Have a total of 22 rigs scheduled and it is still early in the game. Bill
  6. Welcome aboard Snapper. If you are looking for advice and restoration tips then the rally is the right place to be. Looking forward to meeting you. Bill
  7. Know I have several threads going on this topic but I just wanted to wrap everything up in one consolidated thread and present updated information to the group. LOCATION: The CRAP rally will be held at the Old Gilliam Mill located on Route 42 approximately 5 miles west of Rois ute 15-501 in Sandford NC. SITE DESCRIPTION: The Old Gilliam Mill is a working sawmill with numerous steam powered saw machines and wood splitters. You can view pictures of the camp site at www.olegilliammill.org . There is a full kitchen with stove and fridges for use by the group. Bathrooms with showers are adjacent to the kitchen. There is also a covered pavillion and outdoor stage which we will be able to use. Fresh water spigots and some electrical outlets are scattered throughout the campground. There is plenty of room for tent camping as well as anyone with an RV. There is additional parking across Route 42 if you need to park a trailer out of the way. Site costs are $6 per night for tents and $10 per night for RV's. COSTS: I have already dropped a $150 deposit to reserve the site which is part of a $675 usage fee. Based on past attendance (estimated 50 pax) the cost per rider will be around $40. However the more people we have attend will adjust the final cost. Once we get a finalized list I will do the math and publish a final cost. Have cash available when you show up because I have to pay the owner up front. FOOD: Count on some of the best eating this side of the Atlantic. Do not know if we can live up to past expectations but we are going to try. We will have four sponsored potluck meals: Friday night, Saturday morning and night and Sunday morning. Tuba Rick is in charge of food management and he will publish a list of requested items. High demand bulk items will be fire wood, bottled water, charcoal and ice. AGENDA: I will occupy the campground by 0800 on the 28th and you are welcome show up anytime after that. Friday afternoon (and possibly Saturday we will have maintenance classes taught by Van and Bob (Rougaroo). We also normally have at least one dealer show up and other Ural gurus who are happy to pontificate or turn a wrench. Around 1800 we will have Friday night dinner followed by campfire festivities. On Saturday morning we will have a sponsored breakfast and then try to hit the road by 0900. I have two different rides planned. One is a long ride (about 6 hours) out through the Uharwie National Forest and we will also have a shorter route in the Carthage area for those that do not want to stay out that long. Following the rides we will have a Saturday night banquet followed by an awards ceremony. Dnepr Tim is in charge of the awards and is collecting up goodies from IMZ in order to pass. On Sunday we will have a pancake breakfast followed by group photos. No rush on packing out since I have the site all day Sunday. DOGS AND CHILDREN: Dogs are free to roam and cause any havoc they want. Children must be kept on a short leash at all times. Under no circumstances are they allowed to dance in the fire pit or play with the saw mill blades. Anyone who sets themselves on fire with gasoline (yes this really happened) and runs through the campsite will be promptly ejected. RALLY THEME: Just a note. This is a sidecar rally primarily devoted to Urals and Dneprs. If you drive a hack or are interested in the Ural community you are more than welcome to join us. We have a really tight group of friends many of whom have been participating in this rally for over a decade and we want to maintain that special bond. If you are part of the Ural/Dnepr community (or are interested in joining) you are welcome....................other riders (I will refrain from mentioning the brand) need to find someplace else to go. FINAL INSTRUCTIONS: So far we have 25 people and 16 rigs signed up. When you get a chance go ahead and reconfirm your attendance on this thread. Please indicate: Tent/RV/hammock, Number of people in party, Potluck contributions (or other stuff) and any special requirements you might have. I will post this update on both Soviet Steeds and Russian Iron. Any questions just shoot me an email. Bill
  8. Tim, We will be there. Hey not to blend threads or anything but shoot me a PM about CRAP. Looking to talk about the planning
  9. Heads up to all fellow Crappers. Went to lock in the CRAP CAmpground and found May already completely booked. I had to lock it in for 28-30 April. More details to follow soon but I need to start getting a head count of whose planning to attend. Also indicate whether you will be tent camping, RV or camper and any special requirements (such as trees for hammocks, electrical hook ups). Once I go coordinate with Tuba Rick and Rougaroo I will publish fully detailed plan. However, general scheme of events is as follows: Friday arrival, Potluck Dinner followed by evil behaivor around the campfire Saturday: 160km ride (early start) to a MOtorcycle Museum in Asheboro, Visit to a large Military Surplus store called Delt's, a ride through the Uharwie National Forrest and then a stop for ice cream (and whatever) at a place in Candor. Once we get back we will have maintenace classes and then a potluck dinner followed by an awards ceremony and more buffonery. Sunday: Day starts off with Sunday morning pancakes and pack up and clean up. Hope this helps. Will publish costs and requirements as soon as we figure this out. Bill
  10. Consider this a heads up and mark your Calendars. The 11th (or is it 12th?????? I forget) CRAP rally will be held from 05-07 May 2017 in Sanford NC. For those of you not familiar with this rally, it is a good one. One of the largest (and most well fed) on the East Coast. Will blast out more details as soon as I sit down with JohnR and conduct TOR. Bill
  11. FART is 7- Oct at KOA Swannanoa bear Asheville
  12. time for crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! already got the countdown timer ticking. Bill
  13. Thought the cookies were great. However the time around the fire pit was better. I really appreciated talking to all of the old hands. As a newbie with two left thumbs I will soak up all of the knowledge and experience I can get my hands on. Whenever I am sore and reach for the ben gay, I will just think of Ken. He has got to be harder than wood pecker lips. Bill
  14. Thought the rally was great. Havn't gotten out in the woods in a while and I had forgotten how much I really missed it. As a fairly new Ural owner I was pretty impressed with all the work and the mods a lot of guys had done with their older bikes. I am half tempted to buy a older model (guess there are no more Iraqi bikes out there) so I can start slinging wrenches too. John R your helio coil class was pretty instructive. Biggest lesson I learned from the rally......never leave home without the rain suit and a proper set of gloves. Had to stop and do the chicken dance about every ten miles on the way home. Hope everyone made it home safe. Bill
  15. Bill Gunter here: Should be there by Friday at noon. Bobby I will call you. I am indeed bringing a pot of chili and corn bread. Will also have coffee, trash bags and other stuff. I will also bring the "Captain Morgan" for late nights around the fire. Bobby I also loaded that four man tent for you and the family. I have my own two man so we should be good to hook. Figure I can be there by around 113--1200 and help set up. Is there a grocery store near by? Figure we will need to make a run for thing forgotten. Bill
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