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  1. Erratic vacuum may be an indication of other things wrong. Vacuum leak, bad valves, head gasket etc..
  2. Use a plastic wheel to take off paint. Find them at walmart or hardware stores.
  3. I need that sticker. How do I get one?
  4. Does it work on a honda shadow?
  5. dirtwarrior


    Good info http://www.xs11.com/tips/riding/ride4.shtml
  6. It is a good idea to use it aluminum and steel expand at different rates.
  7. are they still being made? Didnt they have one which looked like a BMW?
  8. not bad but they look strange
  9. Maybe I can set my sites a little lower. Male Prostitute with Britney Spears as my pimp. All I need is better clothes and someone to introduce me to Britney. I am sure she will go for it.
  10. OK maybe a TV show is a little much, I could be a surgean and do surgeries. I can get a surgery diploma for 1895 USD that allows me to do surgeries all over the world. I will need nurses, office manager, an office space, and equipment. All I need is 1 million to start my business. Everyone that helps me start my business will receive a coupon for 1 free surgery of there choice. I could start a home based Do-It-Yourself surgery kits. I think this is a good idea. Imagine performing a surgery in the comfort of you home with loved ones assisting. A great idea.... All I need is 1 million to start my DIY business.
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