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    Own a dnepr MT-9, dnepr MT-11, M-72 and Ural M-67
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    Started out years ago with Harley's. Got my first dnepr in the late 70's which I still own. Have added an MT-9, MT-11, M-72 and a Ural M-67. Perfect bikes for riding here in Northwest Washington State. Needless to say it's been years since I rode HD's. Bob

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  1. The CJ M1M 12 volt has the distributor outside on the left. CJ M1 6 volt is like the M72 but the dip stick is in a higher location than the M72. Think the early CJ M1 engines were in the same location as the M72.
  2. I put a set of 28's on my M-67 non/export. Switched the floats to brass. Bike is very easy to start and runs fine.
  3. Serious, I have dealt with Hubenhang (Jack) several times and had good luck. He seems to be a stand up guy.
  4. Thanks Kugelbake, In true Foilhead fashion i just grabbed a bottle of 40wt and used that. Who knows it may even help when on the logging roads in this area.
  5. Hi All, Anyone know the recommend amount of oil for each leg of the telescopic forks? Thanks
  6. Hi All, Looking for the metal covers that go over the springs of the rear shock absorbers on Dnepr MT-11 etc. Anyone have some used and preferably non-chromed ones to sell?
  7. Thanks Madoc, that's good to hear, just ordered a set of the 28's from Jack. Bought some parts a while back from him for the M1M I am building and he seems to be a good guy to deal with. Nice looking bikes on your site.
  8. Thanks guys for the help. Will order a set of the PZ28s from Jack, figure if they don't do the job at least will have a backup set for the MIM I am building. Is serious using the PZ28's on OHV engines? Might go ahead an install the K-37s just to see how the bike acts then swap when the 28's arrive.
  9. It was only for a temporary fix. My 301s are in bad shape, and was wondering if the K-37's would work OK until I repair or replace the 301's
  10. Wondering if anyone has tried replacing a set of the 301 Carbs on an old 650 with K-37's?
  11. Was trolling on Craigslist and ran across this. Think if i were in the LA area, would have to go by and have a look. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/mcy/573282329.html
  12. Avenger, if you still need one I have a spare one.
  13. Pulled one barrel and checked the existing gap 027 Might be the right time for new rings.
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