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  1. I talked about this with Ken yesterday. He's not puter literate and he knows it. And he doesn't really care about it. To each his own. But....he has a guy that maintains his web page and knows it needs updated and fixed. But this guy has been really busy at his own job. Ken is getting a hold of him at any rate. Sadly, another thing Ken doesn't do is credit cards. Like was said, Ken is old school. Personal-personable, soft-spoken. He'll talk to you on the phone forever. He'll talk to you at the shop forever. The only thing missing at the shop is a pot-bellied stove, a barrel of pickles and a checkers board. When he delivered my bike, we sat in the front yard for an hour talking about Bonny and Clyde...of all things!!! One must remember, Ken's shop is just him and his dad (who is around 80, I reckon, and the coolest ole' codger I ever met). They wheel and deal (since the mid 60's) in antique bikes, do a bit of trading and the only new bikes they sell are Urals. Ken's good people. Give him your business.
  2. 6'2"/1.89m It feels comfy enough. I've thought about raising the seat up an inch or so, but then I'll probably feel "top heavy" now that I'm used to it.
  3. Although I haven't done it since I moved 7 years ago, I couldn't agree more!!!
  4. 60 degrees. And if ya didn't cork the bottle yourself and there's no sediment in the bottom of it, it ain't real beer. I don't drink oil. Don't much care for it.
  5. How do the kids like it? Do they fight over a particular seat?
  6. Surely not. This is just too much to believe. Really?
  7. LMAOGood one. Gotta remember that.
  8. THEY'RE Clubhaulin'!! Hard a port!!! Rack the yarboard oarn!!! Not only is it my second fav movie, Ive always been into pirates. Fascinating subject. Named my dog Capt. Jack and the rig the Black Pearl. I'm hoping soon to have that airbrushed onto the right side of the hack along with a pearl about the size of a gold ball. Now I need to find a small pirate flag to wave in the wind.
  9. Thanks for the offer Ammo, but I'm keeping the tractor seat. I'll just raise it up a couple inches.
  10. Ok. I'll give it a try. This is a good idea. Perhaps if I raise it up an inch or two, my back will clear the front of the back seat...because I really don't want to get rid of it...as Kugel suggests. But if worse comes to worse, I may need to.
  11. Well, I've had the Pearl for a day now and I'm lovin it. I've only put perhaps 10 k's on it, in 4 rides total, the longest about 5 miles. It'll kick start on the first or second kick. There's no leakage anywhere. The tractor seats are really comfy and take bumpy streets really well. I bought an HJC CL3 helmet with the full flip-up shield which I like very much. I have 4 problems: 1) It's difficult for me to find neutral. I know how to find it; it's elusive 3 out of 10 tries. This, I know will go away with practice and as the trans wears in. 2)New bike burn-off smell. Holy crap, it stinks. My wife has to pinch her nose shut when we stop at a stop sign. 3) She doesn't want to idle when hot. I know how to fix this with the idle screws. It's not like an instant shutdown. It takes about 20-30 seconds to wind down slow enough to shut off. 4) This is the worst and a comfort thing. The tractor seat behind me rubs into my lower spine. I woke up this morning thinking the hurt would be gone, but there's quite a lump now. And here I was thinking of moving the pilot seat back so my legs aren't all scrunched up. Can the back seat be moved safely back an inch or two? Well, I'm not sure about the wife. She says she likes it, but it was hard to gage her yesterday. She got up on the wrong side of the bed anyway. She reminds me of my mom when we used to snowmobile. We had Artic Cat snowmobiles with a Cat Cutter we pulled behind the big Panther Cruiser. Mom would ride in that along with the extra fuel and food. Anything over 30 mph was just to fast. Capt. Jack, my Rat Terrier doesn't seem to mind it. But he's only been on one ride, on the wife's lap and I really need to get him goggles. A question: When in first or second gears (the engine no where near reving high) she'll backfire. Is this normal? Message to Tomcat 101147: You've got to get one of these!!! Here's a pic of Jack in the Hack:
  12. Thanks Dub. Maybe when I pay off this one. This is great. I've only done a couple miles or so, but I'm lovin it. Capt. Jack is the name of my Rat Terrier, who doesn't seem to mind being my hack monkey.
  13. Just let us Texans know when you're moseyin' through....and where.
  14. For me, pretty much the same. But they asked me for no collateral. As for payments at around 9% interest and $3000 down, $200 per month. Thanks bunches. It comes tomorrow morning!!
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