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  1. Gearbox was pulled apart and checked, had. Even recently re built by previous owner, no id rather sell it with the motor sorry
  2. Yes still got it, haven't been on the forum for a while, are you still interested?
  3. Sorry no photos ( yet) Stumbled upon an m72 with right hand side car with afew unusual features It has an aloy intake manifold looks original to a single carb ? A tow bar between the bike and the chair- I suspect military? The rear wheel has spokes as thick as 10- 12 mm again looks original The only numbers I can find on the engine are 57 clearly marked, the bike is in poor condition , is black and apart from some controls is complete I could not find the frame number in the usual place but it is coated in years of dirt and grease The single carb and spokes I haven't seen before Anyone got any ideas, I will post photos when I pick it up in a week or 2
  4. I Have a 71 Cossack (650 Ural), I would like to put the widest tyre I can on (Road tyre), Anyone??
  5. Interested, But Where is Holowpaw??,
  6. Make your daughter buy her own car, she will appreciate it a lot more and teach her the lesson in life that nothing comes without hard work, good luck with that!! I'm not in a rush to sell it, I enjoyed re building it so if you want it in 6 months or so and it's still here contact me
  7. Well there you go, I knew someone would fill me in on the facts, anyway "bitza" for sale FITS an m72 frame, or maybe a Honda?
  8. Selling my spare fully rebuilt engine / gearbox for a M72 1950 750 side valve, on e bay or contact me for details in WA
  9. Yes but I just can't bring myself to stoop to that level
  10. Anyone got a right hand car or frame for an M72 or something that will fit?
  11. Looking for a right hand side car frame complete or close to for an M72, condition not important
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