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    Grovetown, Ga
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    metal fabrication

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    '06 GU (mine) '82 MB5 (mine) '01 650 V-Star (wife's) '06 Troyka (Dad's)
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    Medically retired mechanic....auto, boiler, M/C, and prime mover.... started riding in '65, racing in '67-8 on H-D KR's....finished my career out at an H-D dealership, where I was "demoted" from tech status, to Parts Manager for my last 5 years.... I ride anything, currently own a Triumph Bonneville....

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  1. Great looking mod "cpres," and an even better trailer to start with, than the H-F. The wider tread width will make cornerring stability even greater with your Tractor Supply trailer. Good find, great mods!
  2. Light weight, compact, inexpensive....it don't get no better than that guys. :thumbsup!:
  3. Hi Kliff, I'm still interested in a GA license plate... for my collection. Thierry aka Terry PM me an address, name, etc., I'll get it headed over.
  4. New price.... $7500.00 Up to 250 mile delivery for $200.00 extra.
  5. The lights are Kuryakyn Halogen Large driving, available through J&P cycles. Sorry, I only made 2 air deflectors, one for each of or Urals. Thanks Huey, it'll sell sooner or latr.....
  6. When it's sold, I'll keep that in mind...
  7. Shameless bump, for my Dad.... Man, those '08 prices sure are gettin high.... :)
  8. UPDATE Possible "partial" trade considerred, for an '87-'92 Chevy S-10 or GMC S-15. No rust, running, driveable.
  9. Bump This is too good to let slip away.
  10. So what's the latest? How're you and the GU gettin' on?
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