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  1. From all of us at Double Barrel To all of you at Russian Iron
  2. Red Green is my Hero! oh... only after cousin Ken, of course! lol Been watching Red green for 15 years, I bet. Worst part is, I can relate! lol I do miss Edgar, tho. and something is missing when Harold isnt around. But its still great! Have you seen Duct Tape, the Movie? This transplanted Cheesehead watches it when she can. For as horrid as life seems to be, Red is a great pick-me-up! Ken, hoping to travel down to Mt. Morris a couple times this summer. Hope you porch light will be on :thumbsup!:
  3. Good job Gavno! I was out Sunday too. But when I got up to do chores it was a mild -22F. We went out to collect our Christmas tree. Tried to make it to the pond, but the tall, thick grass and 12 inches of snow was too much for my rather bald pusher. Id forgotten to look at the temp when we came in, but it was a very nice day with the sun out, I think we might have made it to 0F. yeah... Im liking this riding in the winter, too. really makes me happy that I wont allow another snowmobile on the place! Cheers, Cheesehead! :thumbsup!:
  4. gspell, You make it sound like if you own a new bike, that old posts are of no use. It seems to work for some people as I see it referanced on other boards and lists. Sometimes problems can be worked out by notifying a moderator or admin. Has anyone asked for a search option? I think that all the boards for these machines are important and shouldnt be brushed off as 'no good because I dont have an older model bike' jmho
  5. Ill have to call my cousin and tell him the next time he sees the rig, to find out where he's from and what not. I also had a thought that it may have been someone passing thru.
  6. So I swung in to see my cousin yesterday on my way to deliver my rig to my dealer for its tranny change and of course I had to show it to him. He tells me that he had just see one like it in the past week cruising around Baraboo, but it was 'army'ed' (his words) I said... If it looked anything like this, but in camo, its a Gear-up!' He said...' yeah... it was like the same thing' so... Who's got a Gear-up in Baraboo???? or was it someone passing thru? It would be great if there was another Uralist so close to home ;)
  7. There is serious talk for a s/tep class at the USCA sidecar rally to be held in Duluth this summer. Im gonna go! it will be the closest class for me, so its silly not to go. I figgure if I dont learn anything, then I might as well stay in bed. see you there!
  8. Bless you Gavno (hugs) for doing what you did. Had I been at Mom and Dads, Id have been right there with ya. Each of us in our own way does what we can to help support our troops. I think you found your 'thing'. I send little care packages to a unit stationed in the Sandbox. Im working on one right now. Seems to me that there was a bunch that called our troops Babykillers about 40ish years ago. Ive been meeting a few more of them since transplanting to the northwoods, and they arent a bunch of babykillers. They are wonderful people with lots to offer, and definately ones that I want on my side of the street should anyone try to mess with me! Thanks for the pics. Im glad the weather was good for the event.
  9. you could goto one of those box stores and purchase one of those canopy things.... they come in metal. Since you have a shop, you could add on a few pieces of tin and a couple uprights to give your rig some cover. I think Farmtek has a website with all kinds of options. I built a 12x12 chicken coop for about $700 that could have easily been turned into a home for a bike. When my Ruble Glide came home, she sat outside. No cover or anything. even got hailed on. right next to my other vehicles, and horses.
  10. Make sure your trailer is servicable to what you what to haul on it. Make sure your ratchet straps are heavy enough for what you are strapping down. I bring up these 2 points as the guy that purchased my Virago arrived with a short sided trailer and a package of brand new traps that had a rating of 200 pounds. needless to say it was a @#!ch to tie down and I brok one of the ratchets. I ended up giving him an old strap of ours. He then insisted on putting a thin rope around it. I was glad it got out of the driveway in an upright position. This guy had never hauled anything in his life. Im not a fan of compressing the front shocks all the way. I worry about the rough ride doing damage inside those forks. Best to leave some give. Ive heard of folks putting a nerf football in there, but still not a grand idea. For a 2 wheeled bike, DO NOT leave the kick stand down. Ive never done this (brent used to) but recently our neighbor lost all his fluids out the botton of his bike. He would always leave the kick stand down while hauling... the virations slowly put a hole in the bottom (and its not an old bike....) As a retired OTR driver, you should get into the habit of checking your load, tires, and hitch EVERY time you stop. Make sure you have extra straps as well as stuff to say... fix a tire. drive within your limits. dont forget you have a trailer back there. You cant stop on a dime... so adjust your normal driving patterns accordingly. If your trailer didnt come with a hitch lock make one fit and attacht it to the trailer so its not lost. make sure you safety chains are of the proper length. They dont do you any good when they are on the ground and not crossed. For my flat bed Ive a length of chain that stays on the truck just for this reason. When in doubt.. ASK! nothing ticks me off more when I get to pull a load and its done incorrectly (this has happended to me 2x before... thankfully I was able to fix one and improve the other) For some reason guys dont think us gals knows whats up! There's my 2 cents...
  11. WOOHOO!!!! glad to know there are more Urals about when the Ruble Glide finally makes her appearance in little Sauk Prairie! Gavno... can you share the website, please? Thanks! Im working on next summer's activities. the old man says NO BUILDING next year! only RIDING! Im already planning on a couple weekend trips to the Wautoma area. Am hoping to hit the SPHD MDA ride, but not sure when that will happen again.
  12. Looks like atlot of FUN! Wish we could ride when we do our Operation Rudolph. What am I talking about... I CAN ride! I have a Ural! <grins> We just love going shopping for the kids. We are worse than the kids when we go! The satisfaction of kids getting a Christmas makes it all worth while, doesnt it? Ive been in that situation, and it warms my heart that I belong to an organization that is giving back! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  13. Dont forget about Wag's yahoo group, too! http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/wagner...yguid=172015503 Nice ride you have there! Welcome to the world of Urals!
  14. geeezzzz...... Beer should be kept at 30 degrees! It aint gonna freeze! In college, I kept all my beer in the back of my pickup during the 'winter' months in MO. Its best not shaken, tho
  15. HAHA! Windy Mad Town! This long haired gal doesnt wear a helmet. But maybe keep a hair band on your handle bars if the need should arise again. You sure do paint a good story Gavno! Kept my eyes out for you when I went to Milwaukee a few weeks ago. Didnt see ya tho. :beer!:
  16. Hey Ken! Ifn you see any Northwoods Riders MC members, give em a wave! They are my brothers and sisters. Im pretty sure a few were headed to Tomahawk. It sounded like a good ride to them ;) If in your travels this week up the the Big Lake, keep in mind, that Im only a bit more than 100 miles from Duluth. The colors have been changing here too for the past few weeks. (A real pleasantry when out ricing). Lots of gravel and logging roads to toodle down to kill the day (or tick off road hunters ;) )
  17. Are there any pics? We were planning on attending, but life happened and we couldnt play. Where did the rides take you to?
  18. Congrats on the ride into MadTown! You are braver than I.... and I rode my first day in Eagan, MN! :unsure2: and on a holiday! (and then drove down to Lakeville...) Its gonna take alot for someone to talk me into driving the beltline on anything other than my one ton at this point in my life! I think people have gotten worse down there. <geez> I think you going into work shouldnt be a problem, but the ride home will have more traffic. While you are there, will you kick up the power so I can watch Red Green up here in MN at a normal hour? I dont get to hear my bike too often, but when my neighbor comes down the road, I usually think '4 wheeler' I really dont like that sound, and if mine is sounding like that... that's gonna have to change. I think your gear 'slipping' is the same thing that I do. I seem to go past the gear position at times. I do it up and down, and I seem to do it when Im 'in a hurry'. if you think beating a semi out of the hole is a great feeling.... wait until you pass someone... and you dont go over the posted speedlimit of 55! :thumbsup!:
  19. That is good to know about MATC. Our local college has a rider program, too... but its not an evergreen one. Id like to do the sidecar one, as well as the 2 wheeler one, but the sidecar one Is more important to me at this point. Did your insurance company give you a break then, after you took the course? Id be nice to 'know' someone at the class. or at least have someone to hang out with and discuss the class afterwards. Your not far from my folks, so Ill have to start saving up my money and plan on going. I would like to do the weekend class, just because its much more feezable for me to get away from the critters for a weekend rather than the week. Maybe we could ride down together? I see by the website that they keep the classes small?
  20. Thank you for the link. Hmmm.... wonder if they would give my the FF discount???? I remember something about classes being offered at MATC in mad town.... know anything about those? What part of Milwaukee is Franklin? I still dont think I can get to my Grandma and Grandpa's old house. Its got to be pretty easy for me to venture into a big town.
  21. Gavno, Where did you take the class? I would love to take it but there are none here in MN. But of course I would be happy to drop off the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's so I could attend a class down that a way
  22. hmmm... now that is odd. the last couple days I couldnt use that link. at least it wasnt working for me. I went to the main page and clicked on the Iron forums button and noticed that the website had changed. So I thought that that link was no longer working. glad to see that i was wrong. seems to work OK using that link. Thank you propwash.
  23. It seems that when I goto a new page I get directed to the bottom of the page. and not the last post either.... like 7 or 8 pages down at the bottom. I cannot scroll either. Im on other forums and Im not experiencing this problem so I dont know if its just this board. Im guessing its not my computer because this is the only one it happens to. Please advise. Thank you
  24. Thanks for sharing the pics. Now I know how to pack a few sticks of wood along. Looks like some fun!
  25. The place is called Turtle Island Beads. (website is the same) they are just a block east hwy 12 one (big) block north of hwy 33. half the store is beading stuff and the other half is the tandy store. Stores like Michaels and Joannes have some stuff... but this place has more. oh their number is 608-356-8823 Gavno If you dont want to run hwy 12 (not 14... that will take you to IA) you could head up the back roads to Portage then east on 33. a nice stop would be Naughty But Nice <snicker> Im having problems with both my apron and cover. Apparently there are issues with the current supplier. Im awaiting replacements for mine and hopefully they wont wear out in a month!
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