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  1. Got it mounted and wired up, seems like it have to "break in" as it charges on higher RPM, but got better. I eventually got the bike started for 10minutes (before it died again and only coughs and wont start) But yes, this seems like something good, i will test it more when i get everything up and running and give you more details. :)
  2. Old post, but i have installed the same kind of ignition, wired everything up, new 12v system. but after tickling carbs, using startgas, the only thing i get is a "puff" from one side at a time, it wont start. is there any instructions on what way to two slots on the rotary thing shall face when in TDC? there is no markin on it.
  3. The fiat system left Poland two days ago, i guess ill have in the beginning of next week. :)
  4. I dont wanna hijack this thread! But i was filling some oil on my M72 engine, everything went fine. then i switched to the gearbox and as soon as i removed the filling screw the oil just kept pouring out (like it was pressure). I have No single freaking idea how this is possible. when i taught it had poured done, i wiped with a rag, and guess what? I kept pouring.. I hanvt overfilled it earlier, i dont see how this is possible..
  5. i know the idle screws shall turn outwards, but the slides are facing different ways. like there is an "left side slide" in the right side carb
  6. Recently recieved a pair of Kaptex carbs, but the sliders are not on the same side on them, the one have the angled side of the slide where the air goes in, the other where to fuel go into the cylinder. this is wrong right?The one with the angled side turned to the engine is wrong? (no i cant turn it to face the other way) Unless it kills the slide that is the wrong way, i could allways cut new grooves to make it fit the other way..
  7. I tried the ignition and dual coil from Old Timer garage for K750 with 6v, didnt work at all. (worked when i hooked a 12v battery and coil to it)
  8. Still havent recieved it, ill post some pictures and info when i get it for you :)
  9. I keep hearing that Accel coils are a good investment. But i allso wonder if the 4.2ohm might be a tad overkill? I am currently looking at Accels 12v dual coil for Big Twin (circular shape).. Using a type 4 or 5 electronic ignition. (the one with the red LED) K750 SV engine.
  10. update: Tried it out with a 12v battery and a 12v coil and it sparks. But shouldnt the ignition module handle 6v? They state that it do.. Or we can just conclude that they sent me a bad coil
  11. I dont think its the hall sensor as it blinks red when it "strikes".. but then again it might just send a signal to the LED and no to the coil..
  12. I just fitted my new electronic ignition from Old Timer Garage.. it went smooth and i have wired this type of ignition before on my old MT11 so i didnt go wrong. Wired it up, wired up the dual 6V coil i allso baught from OTG. Forgot to change sparkplugs, but hey! i saw a spark once in a while.. but not enough for the engine to start. next day, i baught new plugs and a compression tester to check if fuel was getting sucked in. 50psi on both cylinders, dont know if its bad or good? but they were the same. but now i dont have a spark at all. zero. nada. not even a sign or hint of a spark.. the ignition module blinks red when i kick the engine, the + and - reads 6.4v to the coil. but after that nothing. tried two coils.. nothing.. and i have no idea what to do now......
  13. I unplugged the electronic regulator and replaced it with a pp302 and followed the vidoes as you posted, i assume that is what made it work again. I have honestly no idea what i did, but now it works. After that the electronic regulator was just "plug'n'play" and now charging 7.2v even at very low idle. Thanks for the help!
  14. I tried changing the polarity as you guys posted. nothing has changed, i took apart two of my generators to see how much magnetic force the field creates and they where OK i guess. they all run like motors when i put + to the W terminal and minus to the ground..
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