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    Dnepr MT9 1973
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    I restored a Ural in Kabul, but couldnt export it. Then I found a lonely old MT9 on the side of the road in Whangarei, so 5 years later my solo called "Sveta" still sits in the shed, patiently waiting for the finishing touches...like handlegrips, a generator, rewire to 12 volts, saddle rubber, rebuilt wheels, finned exhaust nuts .....the list goes on. I hear they can run on vodka?

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  1. Thanks for all the good information guys, I have been quoted a cool $75 to grind the crank so Im trying to get it out, but running into Mikes problem with the flywheel nut...man its tight !! Will try the heat and large hammers and maybe get an impact gun if they are that cheap.... Will update you on progress, thanks again
  2. Dnepr MT9 if you can get a hold of one, I mean the new bikes may have more sparkle and less casting marks on the aluminium but they will never compare to my bike with its agricultural simplicity which has incidentally been in the shed the last 5 years but I occasionally get to ride when Im not waiting for parts from Poland. Half the fun is fixing it anyway....
  3. Hi, Im investigating a knock under load on my MT9. So I strip it down I find one side has a lot of play at the big end the bearing shells are flattened out so I order some standard size shells. Now, I think the crankshaft may be slightly worn but I cant find any tolerances anywhere on the net. Measured with vernier calipers, my crank is 47.5mm and the bearings when dry fitted to the conrod are bang on 48mm. This seems to be too much play IMHO and I will end up with the same old knock again. So either I grind the crank and get oversize shells which I dont really want to do, or live with the worn crank and a possibility of it happening all over again. Does anyone know the official tolerances for a MT9 ? One other thing, I bought some new pistons but they have raised flat tops, the old ones are domed, it looks to me like they will raise my compression ratio way too much, are they Ok to use or shall I try to find some of the old type? Cheers for any advice on the above
  4. Yeah Mate , well I used to be but working in Rotorua now and got Sveta safely tucked in the shed waiting for MotoBoxer crowd in Poland to ship me a generator to complete the 12v conversion from 6V. Apparantly its a Fiat 126 genny been modified. So when its fitted I can have long rides, at the mo its down to the shop and back before it needs to be recharged, bit of a frustration. possibly catch up this summer if Im on the road. I think theres quite a few russian bikes lurking around, the problem is every one seems to be fixing the buggers in the shed and they dont get seen on the road so much. cheers DinoNZ
  5. Cheers for that Mike, I rang this guy once years ago and lost his number and he sounded like he knew where to start with drilling some blank rims etc. I will probably buy the spokes, he supplys some rims which suit and go from there. Thanks for the tip cheers Dino
  6. Thanks for your input fellas, I will investigate those options and post some results if it works
  7. Hi All, Greeting from New Zealand. My first post here, my question is this.... I am intending on rebuilding my wheels on my 1973 MT 9 and am investigating options. So can I use Harley 40 spoke dropcentre rims to replace the dodgy Dnepr rims? I want to use an alloy Dnepr hub for the front and a pressed steel hub for the rear. I think what is critical is the angles that the 'nipples' on the inside of the rim is drilled at to match the spoke pattern? Anyone who has been down this road before may have a few ideas, I cant find much in the forum about this topic. I know there are rims on ebay and the like but want some that are shiny, well made and ROUND !! Heres some for sale in NZ on our version of ebay, pricy but the sort of thing Im after. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=560204757 And heres a picture of "Sveta" in her present state Cheers and thanks in advance (manual, not automatic ! ) Dino
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