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  1. Thanks...... i'm --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfectionism_%28psychology%29 it's me.... you now,, it's humor...
  2. Yes, I know that problem and I have built up a solo Ural sidecar ..Ural voyage Geometry of the problem will be solved with good steering dambers and sidecar with the right settings. Weight of the sidecar is also affected, for example: the battery can be transferred to the sidecar, the weight can be there. at the same time lowering the sidecar brings stability by
  3. "volk" , mayby "wolf".... i'dont now. finnish name this motorcycle is Ural wolf... And sound,, next projekt is sidecar this bikes.... more later...
  4. In Estonia, the goods were on sale at the market this weekend unshaved MB-750, the same color 2500 € Unfortunately, we were with movements bus, old men, cold weather.
  5. new purchase, register judging from Russia ural purchased sidecar ... contacts to me thank you
  6. Aika hiljaista on täällä , ovatko kaikki ajelemassa.... (In a quiet, whether or not all on the road) Nokia sold to Microsoft, now would be the time to write in Finland forum http://www.eliaskokoelmat.fi/content/orig/73.jpg
  7. hi, Also keep in mind that the beginning of the voyage, were 720 Block 650 is the same as, but different cylinders, piston 87mm voyage made only year 1999, mayby 700pcs. The serial number is 720 -> imz.8.1234 and 750 imz.8.1235
  8. where is the " Temppu" new Ural pictures ..? Asks the Suzuki man ..
  9. http://nightwolves.info/en/main There should not believe everything the press writes .... I think that is an awesome bike event, a little exotic scenery, if there is not never been to Russia .... According to a ... even through Finland
  10. Yuuup! waiting.... No, tervetuloa vaan , ketä nyt sitten tuleekin..
  11. with the atmosphere .. autimies here from the north Hups... my ural sound..... dont worry. its original audi sound "bose".... not bad boys..
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