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  1. My friend Andreas here in La Jolla has a welder that has been doing the work on his latest creation a ,16 cylinder motorcycle, I have seen this work,really nice welds I will introduce you to Andreas. His Ferrari V8 bike is kinda famous and his 12 cylinder is very rideable, we are knocking around ideas for a remarkable bike for me to build! See you soon buddy. Mark
  2. Seems a few interested people need me to ship this stuff as no locals need it all. So I may sell it all piece by piece on eBay and ship it where ever they need it, of course the prices will not be as good as this deal! It's not the money I need I want someone to get use out of it and I have way too much to do in my new life and have way more pressing matters than motorcycle parts right now and don't want to just toss it in the scrap pile! We are moving to a larger house soon and keeping the beach house for a few months also, so I will have the room to unpack my garage stuff that I still haven't gotten to yet! Never thought I would say a 6 bedroom house was way too small but it is, new place has a much better garage anyway, 9 bedrooms, a killer view of La Jolla shores and not on the beach so the rust will stay away from the Rolls! If someone would come to me in person in La Jolla I would make them a great deal if they took it all and I didn't ship any of it!
  3. The deal fell through on the SS forum. The big pile of stuff is still for sale or trade!
  4. No sorry MotoJ. I think someone on the other forum is going to get it all. Thanks
  5. I have a lot of Dnepr OHV stuff for sale and don't really want to ship it all so if your close drop me a line! Large parts lot for dnepr 650 OHV Engine block very little use Oil pan Timing gears like new New transmission for sidecar rig with reverse Center Stand and spring 2 new air filters Rear fender and tail light 2 front engine bearing retainers Camshaft Oil Centrifuge like new Pistons Point type distributor like new 2+ sets of gaskets and seals for motor,transmission and final drive maybe more than 2sets Complete final drive with sidecar gears New and used ring and pinion gears for sidecar Cardin shaft sells for $40 Rear axle Full set of new cables including sidecar brake cable 2 clutch and 3 throttle Bench seat Wheel kinda crappy 2 brake shoes Several wheel bearings and hard wear 2 kickers 2 new throw out bearings 3 new clutch rods 2 repair manuals Carb parts Gas cap I have a set of heads somewhere in the shed Many nuts bolts and too many small parts to list Like new size 50 old school style biker heavy leather jacket With a large "Russian Iron" patch on back 2 like new helmets, 1 jet fighter style 1 full face style Green flight suit with Dnepr and Russian Iron patches Green baseball hat with Dnepr patches Might trade for ? Old honda bikes, guns, tools or tool boxes, watch $500.00
  6. I still have parts for sale. I am moving soon and will be pulling all the stuff out of the shed please let me know what you need! I sold my rig so I am ready to deal! Gadgitman1@yahoo.com thanks! Mark.
  7. Hey Dave I have been thinking what to say if I get pulled over. The plates are good in Spain or the Canary Islands till 2018! We will see.
  8. Ya Ken its great over the moon! I am now used to the right hand drive one, and drive the Corniche likes it's all mine!
  9. Today I took it to San Clemente on the highway, 65-75 mph! That's a 45 mile trip one way. I think it had to be the spare tire and mount I put back on! Of course that was with a slight sideways tailwind, on the way there with a slight head wind I held 55-65 mph except uphill. I am so glad I changed the final drive gearing and added the elaborate oil cooling system, it held 60-70 psi at speed and 35-45 hot idle. I have uploaded new pix with spare tire and solo passenger seat reinstalled. Look to the top, I put them in the original post.
  10. Mileage 7100 kilometers (4500 miles). Spare Parts; like new engine block + many parts from same motor, new cables, new transmission, most of a new transmission just missing the front case half, complete with cardan original final drive low miles, original single exhaust, rear seat, used solo rear seat and fender with tail light, used wheels,center stand, heads, and I am sure I am forgetting lots of little stuff! The aux oil pump, filter and cooler with fan was a huge improvement, it is powered by its own yellow top optima battery with a automatic charging system.
  11. Those who visit this forum often have noticed I haven't posted in a while. I have had a massive life changing once in a lifetime event happen to me, all very good if not rather bizarre! I love my Dnepr MT-11 a lot as anyone knows who read my posts and follow my blog and even the G+ community I started because of her. Yesterday I uncovered her, took her to the car wash and a nice ride that I knew may very well be our last. She ran very well, started well, behaved like I built her to. Everyone here knows the time and money I spent on making her not only operate very well but modified her for piloting in California traffic and yes even on the highway. I have lots of parts, new and used that go with her. I have decided that motorcycling at this point on my life adventure is not a good idea. I will probably keep Butcher the custom Honda I created as a art piece, maybe even mounting it on my wall. I have moved on to hobbies I thought I could only dream about, at this moment it's classic Rolls Royces. I want someone to take possession of Anastasia that appreciates and knows Russian bikes. Someone who will pilot her often and not let her sit outside and rust away. If your really interested and want to make a reasonable offer message me here or my email. I updated the pics to show the latest reinstallation of the spare tire and solo passenger seat.
  12. I will tell you the truth, I am scared to drive that one Rob Clark. I have only driven a postal delivery vehicle in and out of the shop a few times and will not drive that one very far from the stable untell I feel more confidant.
  13. Bilge keel Dave do you know where he got parts? I have the dealer about 5 miles from me but I would like a few alternatives. Both of these are in very good shape but where serviced by a novice at best, not really damaged but bad workmanship. I haven't had the time to look at the RHD Shadow yet, he says that one is fine right now but has no log book so I will buy a new one and do a complete check and documentation of its condition. This is going to be fun! No really....well.....
  14. Yesterday I drove a 1969 Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward convertible, this car and a RR Silver Shadow RHD are my new charges as a personal mechanic. I have worked on Rolls Royce classics before but most every one I was not allowed to drive. My new friend just threw me the keys and said " go drive the Corniche around and see why it's chugging ". Needless to say this took a little while and shure enough it studdered a couple times and once it actually stalled at a stop. But even then I was driving a Rolls friggin Royce! Deep black paint, top down on a classic with 40k kilometers on the clock,and cruzing San Diego like I owned the town. Next time I will take a video. I think my ego just exploded, I know my head wants too!
  15. I check my head nuts before every valve adjust and until this last time I don't think they were ever very loose. Since it got really cold, here in SoCal that's anything below 60, I noticed Anastasiya was starting harder when cold. The valves where getting a bit noisy so I poped off the covers and gave them all a good wiggle test and confirmed they where very loose. Got the good torque wrench out and set it for 18 ft/lbs and got 1/2 to 3/4 turn, then up to 20 ft/lbs and got more turns. This is the most it has ever loosened and the first time this motor has been around freezing temps. I tightened it so much I had to Loosen the valve lash after I retorqued the heads. Sure starts better now with tight nuts and quiet valves! Has anyone else had this happen? Did it loosen up again?
  16. Oh hell ya! Post some pics with sizes and I know you will offload them, it is a new style right now here in SoCal. Young non-riders are into old leathers, vintage boots, gloves and even old helmets as decoration. It seems sidewalk commandos have more disposable income nowadays! Checkout Seawead and Gravel's web sight; http://seaweedandgravel.com/
  17. I use 40w penzoil in winter, cause it was $2.35 qt. and 60w valvoline racing in the summer because my bike luvs it! Makes her nice and quiet when it gets hot!
  18. I would have to ask why would you open that big can of worms when nice, inexpensive, titled and tagged Dneprs are falling from the trees all over the USA? The problem with Dneprs is no real way to verify the year of production. On this forum this question on importation to the USA seems to come around often and I am not for certain that anyone has ever been successful in doing that cheaply and in a timely manner. I am sure it is ultimately possible, but there is no standard from state to state on how to title one for street use, then insurance can be interesting. You should go to your state DMV office and see if they have a packet of forms for your situation. I have AAA and the template that is used to insure a classic motorcycle does not have Dnepr, they had Ural, so he did Ural/Dnepr so I could get comprehensive (full coverage, actual cash value) insurance.
  19. Ya Racepres, I have the same prob! Specially with these platinum plugs, I think I will leave them in my Estate to my great grand children. My Dnepr just rusts them, no foul, mabey we should paint them silver.........
  20. I have a set of heads that have short length threads and Russian plugs in them that are short. There is a topic I started on them here with pics. The heads on my mt-11 take long thread plugs and do have longer threads. Side by side the 2 differant heads look the same, just plug length is differant. Make sure of the thread depth of your heads! Lots of plugs have tops you can screw off to use the other caps, I wonder how this would work with a points type ignition? The way the combustion chamber is shaped, especially right around the plug relief, makes it hard to measure the thread length with the head on the cylinder. I have found here in Southern California I can not go to NAPA and pick up plugs and a air filter by asking for it to fit a Dnepr. But I can go in and ask for plugs for a honda civic and a Pontiac Fiero air filter! I run the fancy platinum plugs with 2 electrodes that I got at Walmart by just matching length and cap then went for middle of the road heat range, they work very well with my stock electronic ignition. I looked for a # on them to post here but all it said was Bosch Platinum +2.
  21. I will start looking on fleaBay, as I love books. I have found some great Russian bike books there! Are you looking for something in particular? Or just basic info and repair settings and tolerances, as this forum will usually answer any question better than any book.. Some good exploded diagrams are the parts diagrams on a couple of the online stores, I screenshot them all the time! I see you posted this on SS too, I didn't think about weavers books! I don't have one of his for Dnepr yet. On my blog and G+ community for Dneprs I will post any info I have or can get for free just ask!
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