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  1. So I guess I'm in the market for another final drive, again. Unfortunately it looks like these are getting harder to come by, at least the 2WD versions. When they do show up they're quite expensive. Does anyone have any good leads on sourcing a new part, beyond a simple google search, that's for a decent price? Also, it looks like 1WD are more common and cheaper, but I really like having a 2WD setup on my motorcycle. Is there much diminished off road performance with a 1WD set up?
  2. I tried sticking the rollers on with grease and freezing it but I still can't get the gear tower seated without knocking the rollers off. But after looking at how these two cracks have formed in the unit I am now thinking that this part is unserviceable.
  3. So I'm trying to reassemble this final drive but I'm facing the same problem as last time in that I can't get it back together. Every time I try to insert the gear tower in the rollers keep falling off and it won't seat properly no matter how much grease is use to stick them on or how perfectly the rollers are aligned along the ring. Is there some sort of magic trick or technique to getting the rollers to stay put? I've tried multiple times and this is immensely frustrating.
  4. So it's been a little bit. I was able to resolve the electrical issue at the moment, but now I have a new issue. There were 2 missing bolts on the final drive, one was stripped when I ordered the drive and one snapped. So I had to do something I never wanted to do which was to disassemble the final drive and deal with the dreaded loose pin bearings and rollers. I actually managed to extract the snapped bolt and re-thread the stripped hole with a helicoil kit. But in the reassembly it looks like I wasn't able to seat the rollers properly which resulted in the drive housing cracking open like an egg. So it looks like I'm in the market for another final drive, again. I'm having trouble finding a replacement part. I can find a few 1WD ones for around $200 but I would like to find a 2WD model since I take the motorcycle off road. The only ones I've managed to find are on Arbalet for $390 (preorder) and on Old Timer Garage for over a grand. If anyone here has any leads for a replacement for a reasonable price would help me out a lot. Thanks.
  5. Well it worked, briefly. It would start and idle and I was able to move it all of about 50 feet before it died again. The circuit tester showed that the input wire to the ignition module is now not getting any power but everything else is working and no blown fuses. So now I gotta drain and remove the gas tank to check the wiring.
  6. From what I can understand, it looks like the two wires are soldered to the same contact. Well here's my first ever attempt at soldering wires. I would like to make sure that this looks good before I try installing it. I don't want to fry the thing.
  7. I think I may have figured out the issue, the gearbox was loose and would rock when the clutch lever was squeezed. I tightened up the bolts, it still drags the RPMs down but now at least it doesn't want to stall as much. Now I have to deal with this problem- wires to the ignition module somehow came loose and shorted out. I could try to replace the wires, could someone provide an image of or explain where the new wires would solder to on the circuit board? I'm having trouble finding an image of it. I swear as soon as I fix one thing something else breaks.
  8. Okay, so the engine starts and runs fine. I've been able to run it around the neighborhood and on the street and get it up to 80kph/50mph. There is still this persistent problem since I've had the thing is that the engine wants to stall when it's in first gear and at a stop. When the clutch lever is squeezed it'll made a tapping/knocking sound from what seems like the clutch plates and the rpms slow down and it feels like something is dragging the engine down. It has no problem take off from a start or idle in neutral gear, it's just when in gear at a stop. The only way I've managed to counter this is to set the idle really high and to throttle the engine when stopped. It doesn't help that finding neutral with the foot pedals on this older model gearbox is same near impossible. Think it's a problem with the clutch plates?
  9. Make sure you play Balkan music while working on motorcycle. It keeps it happy and not pines for homeland ;)
  10. So I am a part of a subculture that likes to dress up in dirty costumes, pretend that it's the end of the world and have adult fun out in the desert. Generally referred to as Wastelanding, it is a really fun hobby as you meet some incredible people and have some amazing experiences. I also use it to help support myself as I am a self employed costume maker. There are a few post-apocalyptic (PA) events around, the biggest and well known is Wasteland Weekend, with around 5,000 attendees and can be describes as Mad Max Burning Man. The event pictured here is called Detonation and is held on an area of private land called Uranium Springs out in the Painted Desert east of Holbrook, Arizona (it's on Google Maps). It's a much smaller event at around 400 attendees, but it's held on private land so people can build permanent structures there. Vehicles are a big part of PA scene and this was the first time I was able to take my Dnepr MT16 out to an event. I put so much work and stress into the past two months trying to get the motorcycle to work in time and with the help from this forum I was immensely proud of myself that I could make it running to take it out. I had so much fun romping around the desert there, taking my friends around on rides and seeing how many people I could pile onto the thing. With the addition of the little Swiss trailer that motorcycle came with, I managed to turn it into a little troop carrier and got 8+ people on it. There's still a lot of work to do on the motorcycle but I am so happy that I got to use it there. Here are a bunch of photos of the motorcycle at the event with some more on the way! ~Pat.
  11. So I think I might have figured out what the problem was. The rubber gaskets I had cut for the carburetors didn't have a wide enough opening and was obstructing the fuel/airflow. So now it seems to want to start and idle and test road it around the neighborhood. I think I will still need to work on these Mikuni style carburetors more eventually as it seems to want to idle best with the adjustment screws in almost all the way and idling a bit faster that I think it should be. I apologize for the emotions in the previous post. This has been a long and frustrating (and expensive) road trying to get this motorcycle to work. Especially since I've been working on it constantly for the past 2 months desperately trying to get it running so I can take it to a week long, post-apocalyptic themed outdoor event in a few days. I had to sacrifice lot of time to desperately try to get it running instead of working on other projects (I'm a self employed costume maker) I could be working on to get ready for the event. Vehicles are a big part of the post-apocalyptic/Wastelander subculture and it's my big aspiration to use this motorcycle for it. So hopefully if it doesn't crap out again and I can trailer it out there I'll post a bunch of pictures. Thank you everyone for all your support and advice. I wouldn't be where I am with this motorcycle without this community. Thanks, Pat.
  12. I'm about ready to give up on this damn thing. I have a spare head gasket ring that's worn but appears to work. I sprayed the gap between the head and cylinder with soap and I'm not seeing any compression leaks. The valves leaked so I lapped them and tested to make sure they were tight and sealing and reinstalled the heads. I cut out new carburetor gaskets from sheet rubber because the gasket glue I had used previously leaked. Before I had lapped the valves it would start and run with the chokes up but would die when they were closed. But now it won't start at all! You would think with better valve seals it would run better. I don't understand why it won't start now. I've checked everything. It has spark, fuses are good, big red switch is on, it's been timed, heads are torqued, tappets are gauged,I can't find any compression leaks, fuel flow to the carburetors are good. Earlier this week I took both carbs apart, cleaned everything and checked the main and pilot jets. It should work. I've fiddled with the fuel flow adjustment screws in and out but nothing. This is immensely frustrating and disappointing.
  13. Man, you guys weren't kidding about the great oil debate. If I may interject I have a few questions concerning oil. For the Dnepr how often should the oil centrifuge be cleaned out? As for the final drives, what's the best oil to use? For filling it it looks it has two separate chambers, one with the little plate held on with screws. Does that plate ever need to come off for any reason?
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