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  1. Hoping it come to the PA State stores. I checked before Christmas and no sign of it yet. I still have the mini bottles I brought back from Russia. It was good stuff! They have an interesting website. http://www.russianstandardvodka.com -JD
  2. It isn't a spring Devil hunt without Nina's -JD
  3. After an afternoon of riding we got back to the campground, hung out and got cleaned up for dinner. Another excellent meal at the local Tai restaurant. Saturday night there was a fire going where we recounted the day and told Ural stories. Sunday morning some people had left before I rolled out of the sleeping bag. Others were still packing up. Frank and Turtle had a long drive home. Ken grabbed the Riders of the Eastern Front banner. Glenn, John, Ken and I went for a ride. Glenn took us on an excellent road over the mountains that ended up at a restored fountain. While we were standing there we watched a train come down behind the fountain in front of us, and then wrap around and go down the mountain behind us. Very cool. When we stopped for coffee and fuel, Frank and his daughter were there after taking the highway up. We did some more riding over another mountain and Glenn almost hit a bear with his sidecar. Unfortunately no picture of that. We stopped and had another excellent lunch. Glenn and John headed for home while Ken and I went back and packed up. By this time we had the campground to ourselves. The weekend was great. Lots of good food, good friends, and good riding. -JD
  4. Bill was leading us on some great dirt roads We made it to the top and stopped to plan our next adventure. Next stop was the parkway to Mt Pisgah. We ran into some fog. But the view at the top was worth the trip.
  5. Here are some of the pictures we took from the rally. Diane and I arrived Friday just in time to get the tent setup and go to an excellent dinner at the German restaurant in town. The weather was great, warm for October, and it only started to rain after everyone had gone to bed for the night. Rich and Donna had the Rally coffee pot and had picked up some breakfast goodies for Saturday morning. Thanks Rich! The group got organized and we headed out for the mountains. Everyone gassed up before hitting the road. Rick was there with his very cool Iraqi Ural.
  6. Dang that is bad news. I have really enjoyed the RDV the last 5 years. I think I'll have to start checking out campgrounds in the area, Maybe we can has our own Soviet invasion of Union County. I'm going to miss those "Driveable Trails" RDV VT didn't sound too far, but I checked the map. and it is 8+ hours of highway for me. -JD
  7. Great write up David! I got my pictures organized and posted here. BURP and Back pictures 5 bikes, 4 Great days in the saddle, 1000 miles and more curves than I could count. Awesome. -JD
  8. Gotta love watching the airlock work, that means the yeast is working its magic. Not sure what you are fermenting in, but keep it out of the light. Especially sunlight or fluorescent. I've been brewing for about 2 years. Good luck with the Belgium. The first batch I made was a Russian Imperial Stout. If you can wait, give it some more time to condition. A high gravity, high alcohol beer may be ready to drink in 4 weeks, but it is interesting to see the change if you can give it more time. Remember, you are making real ale, and it will improve with age. If you are like me, about the time it really gets good, you run out The fresher the beer the better only works for fizzy yellow beer. I like John Palmer's book "How to Brew" , although Papazian has the best philosophy "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew". No matter what happens to it, It will still be beer. -JD
  9. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the weekend. RonDeeVoo V Ride Report -JD
  10. See everyone this weekend, I'm heading North tomorrow. I have a case of Baltika #9 and another Russian lager Yarpivo original :thumbsup!: Yarpivo I think means beer (pivo) from Yaroslavl(located in central Russia) Beer for everyone in Little Siberia Junkle, good call on the ISOK signs. -JD
  11. Here is the directions on the Sportsman's Club website. http://ucscpa.com/map.htm -JD
  12. I have a case of #9 cans ready to go. Looking forward to some #3s Larry. I've been thinking about trying to get something else a little lighter. Max, put Weikert into your favorite map program and look for the signs. The Sportsmans Club is before the"town". Or look earlier in the thread for the "unknown road" info and put it in google maps. -JD
  13. Nothing is close to Weikert... The area is full of state game lands, but I don't know of any public ranges close. There may be some around. Trevorton is over and hour east of Weikert. Here is a list of Game commission public ranges. http://www.pgc.state.pa.us/pgc/cwp/view.as...80&q=161297 The Center County range is over an hour west. -JD
  14. There are small signs for the Rally off Rte 45, But it would be an interesting place to find in the dark. It is before the town of Weikert go to http://maps.google.com/maps and "search the map" for Unknown road @40.861238, -77.284963 The wife and I will be there sometime Thursday. There has been some discussion about a trip to the drive-in movies again this year. Looking forward to another great year at the RonDeeVoo. Don't forget to bring quarters for the showers. JD
  15. I asked Claude if I could post this here. This is a great rally open to all. The Urals will usually get together for some off road fun, and the Baltika will be flowing around the lantern. -JD July 31- August 3, 2008 – ISOK Sidecar Ron-Dee-Voo V – International Sidecar Rally Hosted by the Internet Sidecar Owners Klub at the beautiful Union County Sportsman's Club and Wildlife Sanctuary. Located near Weikert, PA in scenic central Pennsylvania. Note that two new rest rooms have been added at the pavilion in the past year. Interstate 80 to Lewisburg, PA exit (Rt. 15 south). Rt. 15 south to Rt. 45 west to Rt. 235 to Laurelton. In Laurelton, turn right at four way stop. Rally site is a couple of miles out on the left. Look for the signs. Motels are within 20 miles of site. Adults $45, children (9-12) $10, adult day pass $10 (includes admission only), children 8 and under no charge but must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-register by June 30 and receive 5 dollars off rally fees. All sidecars and solo's interested in sidecars welcome. Pets are allowed. Rally fee includes, three nights camping (RV Spots are available at no additional charge), Dinner rides Thursday and Friday , Saturday morning breakfast buffet and Saturday evening awards dinner (Note Friday morning breakfast will be available for additional charge). Rally fee includes sidecar games with trophies, awards, children's activities, 24 hour coffee, tours, door prizes, Dual sport ride, a Red Green Fest consisting of video's and a Red Green and/or supporting cast dress up contest, The ISOK Annual Door Prize, 60/40 drawing (YOU get the 60%). Sunday morning worship service. The prestigious Hal Kendall 'Excellence in Sidecaring Award' presentation for 2008 will take place during the Saturday awards dinner. Past winners were Chris Dodson, Doug Bingham and Vern Goodwin. Important Note: There will be a sidecar skills test program on Thursday, July 31st . Be sure to indicate if you plan to attend. There is an additional ten-dollar fee specifically for this training to cover literature and expenses. Watch Hack'd Magazine, The Sidecarist, BMWON, http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/SCT , http://www.sidecar.com and other sites for updates and more info. Send pre-registration and sidecar skills test fees by check or money order with self addressed stamped envelope to: Claude Stanley 760 Diebler Lane Middleburg, PA 17842 PH. 570-837-5182, or EMAIL: cstanley@sunlink.net Be sure to indicate what the money is for. Feel free to call with any questions. Vendors welcome...contact Claude in advance. THIS IS THE BIG ONE...SEE YOU AT THE RON DEE VOO ! ! Attached is a group shot from 2005.
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