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    1983 Neval MT12-36
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    An avid motorcycle rider also own a 2008 Harley ultra. This bike has been in my family since 1995ish. Dad bought it to ride around which he never did. I would take it out a couple of times during the summers and maybe put 100 miles on it. It still only has 1600 miles on it. I've been checkin out this site and kinda excited to see the other enthusiasts riding the same bikes. Dad past away back in 07 and it has been sitting since then. I cleaned it up new plugs, oil change and new gas and she fired right up! Amazing!!

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  1. Hi Guys N Gals, Plan on heading down, gunna stay at RV park close by. Looks like Utts Campground is near, unless someone has a better option. Is there a set itinerary besides the Sat dinner... rides etc...??
  2. Hi Bike Nut, I would also like to get a complete set of patches if you still have em!! Let me know I can do paypal or email bank transfer if you have it.. t901312@yahoo.com Thnks, Tommy
  3. Hi looking for a rear fender tail light assembly on a 1983 MT-12. Will the Ural fit? Any help greatly appreciated. Damn lens fell off looks like wires are frayed on the bulbs. The whole thing is rivitted together. Thanks
  4. Hey, I found one on ebay for my 1983 MT12 1/4" NPT and it fit. My bike was outfitted with one carb so it only has a single outlet. I've seen ones with the double outlet. I've attached the link. Hope this helps!! My link gas petcock
  5. Hi to my fellow Russian Iron Riders. I'm new to the site but glad to see so many riders. I've fired this bike up after a 5 year hiatus. It runs too good. I actually came onto the site to see what these are selling for. Problem is I'm havin too much fun ridin this around again. Sorry off the market. I'm gettin her inspected this week and ridin!!

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