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  1. Bobby, Can you make these to suit Urals 'Down Under', with a left hand chair? Cheers Jimbo
  2. Hi Ross, Here's a photo of mine. Slightly different to Norms'. Jim Sorry about the poor colour - blame the iPhone!
  3. Problem at the moment Rob is that Jon only has black, and I've got a Gobi. I'm thinking of that small Givi now.
  4. Autimies, Do you know if that is the GIVI Model: G-A603? The one all the Ural dealers seem to sell. It looks good! Jim
  5. Tried to PM you, but wouldn't go through. Interested in shaded one; shipping to Australia??
  6. Mate, The young bloke looks happier than you! Good on ya! Cheers Jim
  7. Congratulations Masada, I know how you feel - mine's sitting in the front window of the shop at Queanbeyan, just waiting for the pre-delivery to be completed and me to be available to assist with that! My dealer is great. He's letting me get 'right-in-there' with the set-up, etc., and I just have to wait til I get another RDO to get everything finished. And Anders is happy for it to sit there, as an ornament, til I'm ready! I still get to drool over it every time I go into the shop; which is about every second day!!!!! Cheers Jimbo
  8. You'd have been most welcome to join us for a sausage sandwich for lunch!! Ah well, we'll just have to catch up at some other time. Mind you that must have been the long way round to get to Bowral?? All the best Jimbo
  9. I do? Maybe... I have met lots of new people recently and remember few names. If I knew where to find him I could go for a ride up Bega to view the offloading. I'm a little confused I have to admit... it's coming from Queanbeyan is it? That's where you are? If I have that right maybe I could ask a little favour and you could see if they could send a little part down with him? Me being an idiot when I took the wheels off for new tyres last week I left things laying around and I've lost one of the washers/spacers that go under the axel nut on the rear axel. I just got clearance from the Boss to attend the Pink Ribbon Ride in Canberra on the 28th Oct so I might take the chance to check out the Ural shop while I'm there. Yes, I'm in Queanbeyan, but you're a tad late with your request, because the blue Tourist should already be down there! I don't think Eurotune have too much in the way of specific Ural parts yet, so the "Ural shop" is really the Triumph shop with two Urals standing proud on the showroom floor. Mind you the Gobi is turning lots of heads!! Bit hard not to when you have to almost bump into it on the way in the front door!! Who knows: mine might actually be out on the road with me by the 28th?? I could try and get the others motivated and we could have a "Gathering". Cheers Jimbo
  10. Hey Dane, Did you putt-putt through Tarago today, Saturday, around lunch time? If it was you - I was in that big bunch of bikes doing a Poker Run - you should have stopped and had some lunch with us. Maybe it DID look a bit scary though? Cheers Jimbo
  11. Hey Ross, I hear that you actually know the owner of the "soon-to-be-at' Bega, Tourist owner! We put her on Anders' trailer this afternoon and he's taking it down tomorrow afternoon. Apparently you're going to teach the new owner 'everything Ural'! :thumbsup!: I'm hoping that I can get Anders enthused next week to finish 'pre-delivering' mine. Can't wait to get it out on the road!!! Cheers Jimbo
  12. Thanks Rob, There really IS a family atmosphere here amongst the Russians! :thumbsup!: I even had a lovely conversation on the phone today with a new friend. Still struggling with the 'naming conventions ' though; I first thought of "Gertie", then "Agrafena" (or Aggie, for short), and now "Jitka" Any more suggestions?? Cheers Jimbo
  13. There's also another new Ural at Jerrabomberra; a Forest Green Ranger/Gear Up, owned by John (aka Jaraslav). Anders and Jon were saying that they believe there now around 4 or 5 in the ACT region. I'll tell Anders that when he takes the blue one down to Bega on the weekend that he should advise the new owner about this Forum. Mine is now together and sitting up in the front window at Eurotune - with the blue one and a yellow Bondi on the showroom floor!!! Three (3) Urals in Eurotune at the same time!! Is there a 'naming convention' for Urals? Seems that a lot of them are female with eastern European names?? I was thinking of Gertie for mine. Cheers Jimbo
  14. HI all, Jimbo here from Queanbeyan. Normally a Triumph Thunderbird rider with a little Royal Enfield C5 Military which now has to be sold to make way for my newest acquisition. I've just spent the day at Eurotune, with Anders and his staff and in the company of Jon Taylor who delivered a blue Tourist and my new Gobi Ranger!! What a true gentleman that Jon is! He guided us through the assembly and pre-delivery of the Tourist and left us with the assembly of the Gobi after leaving us with a virtual library of information about all things Ural. Some photos of our day; Jimbo
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