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  1. That cop car looks like a Mercedes. Cheap PD I worked for made me drive a Chevy or Dodge. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  2. The sound of it idling on the video is great!! Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  3. I ordered the tank shift/reverse select kit from Raceway. I expect it to be sitting on my front step when I get home tonight if my neighbor doesn't steal it. It is not cheap but apparently very good quality. $365 delivered. Bolt on-no welding. Gives you the ability to shift with the lever or with the shift pedal. A guy over on the Wagner board just posted that his raceway unit broke and they are replacing it without charge. Gotta like that. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  4. Nice pic. Who did the vest for you? Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  5. Redflasher! Sounds to me like you have a clutch that isn't disengaging completely if you're having better luck hitting neutral with the engine stopped. With the engine idling, clutch pulled in, and the transmission in neutral, after a few seconds try eeeeasing it into first gear. If it sounds like one large spinning gear trying to mate with a stopped gear- well... that's what 'ya got. Make sure the clutch cable's adjusted so that the clutch disengages fully- no more that about 1/8" of slack at the clutch lever before it comes tight. GOOD ADVICE!! I adjusted the clutch cable to a tight 1/4 inch of slack and can now reliably find neutral. The shifting is better now also. I'm still buying the tank shifter/reverse kit. Its supposed to be the "new and improved" model and shipping to me today(Monday). Thanks for all the advice guys. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  6. gawd almighty!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the other night when I made a right turn onto a side street near my house. There at a stop sign were 2 really overweight women, clad in leather everything, trying to balance a sportster, waiting to turn left across four lanes of rush hour traffic. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  7. Don Ho died a few days ago. Oops, can I say that?? Hope I didn't offend anyone. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  8. Guess I'll have to explain to the missus that's why we only have 3 kids. It's ALL my fault! Don't like guns and I fear what they can do in untrained hands, and that is the majority of the population. I did spend a part of my life as a weapons mechanic maintaining firearms from 40/60 through 50 cal down to 9mm, 7.62mm and 5.56mm. I still fear them in the hands of the wrong people. I suspect most of the world is looking at the US and wondering how you can get something so right, so wrong. The need for a well armed miltia is not questioned by most, but to allow everyone to have access to fully automatic weapons is. And a Glock is a FULLY automatic weapon! A while back we had a looney slaughter lots of people in Tasmania. The Federal Government wanted a ban of miltary style weapons and got it. I wanted a ban on any weapon capable of housing more than three rounds! If your not a good enough shot to do it in three rounds, you shouldn't have a weapon. And if your a good enough shot the fourth person will get you! My country has opposed every referendum ever held on conscription, though Governments have forced through conscription. It's my RIGHT to die for my country, NOT my obligation. UNtil WWII we had National Service but not Conscription. Countries are best defended by WELL-trained militia. Not wankers with guns. Just my opinion, Peter Williams. Glocks pistols sold in the USA are NOT fully automatic weapons. They are semi automatic. i.e. pull trigger-goes bang once-pull trigger-goes bang once-etc-etc-etc I've been carrying 24/7 since September 22-1969. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP and a lot of guns-used legally and responsibly
  9. I want one for my GearUP. How do I get one? Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  10. I'm new... Register, wait for confirming email. That's it. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  11. Okay, I learned something today. Thanks Randy. I might add that my dealer gave me NO info on the outfit when I bought it. I wrote him a check and the outfit was delivered to my home. I did not(and still don't) know enough about the Ural to ask intellegent questions. But I am learning from this and other forums. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  12. Not sure I quite understand that. Yesterday, I pull into a parking lot, in 2nd gear, and then stop. I am trying to impress others by backing into a spot. Clutch in, can't find neutral. Try to move the reverse lever and get horrible grinding noises. Finally shut the bike off. Turn the ignition back on and heel and toe the shift leverback and forth and back and forth till the little green neutral light comes on. Start the bike, get it in reverse and back up into the spot. This can't be right?? :thumbsup!: Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  13. Hello all, This is Bob in Minnesota and I have a 2006 Gear UP with 275 km on it so far. I am having a HECK of a time finding neutral. I guess I am used to my Jap bikes with the slick shifting trannies. I have been reading the posts for several months here and on the IMWA board and I understand that the transmission "will get better" with more km on it. Most of my attempts to find neutral to either back up or move the bike when it is running yield a bunch of clashing noises that can't be good for the transmission. I was just reading a discussion on the IMWA board about a under the tank mounted hand shifter for either/or the gearshift or reverse lever. IT is marketed by this outfit: http://www.racewayservices.com/ Any experience to share with me regarding this product?? P>S> It seems much easier to find neutral when the motor is NOT running. Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP-Neutral, I know you are in there. I just can't find you...
  14. : I like it but a two inch buckle is too uncomfortable. Too many burritos...and Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP
  15. I'm trying to quit AGAIN. Decades of a bad habit are a bitch to kick!! Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP :
  16. I've had two of them. The first one would not reliably feed jacketed hollow points. Sent it back to the manufacturer. They had it for 3 months. Sent it back to me. Fed full metal jacket rounds just fine but not hollow points. Sold it. Got a second one 15 years later. Worse than the first one. Got rid of it. There are some gunsmiths that can massage them to be reliable but I'll never have one again. Sorry to be so negative but I don't like them. If you depend on it for your life, I would not fire up the dremel and go after the feed ramp. Way too easy to mess it up permanently. Hire a professional.
  17. Well, I sold my Honda Shadow Aero Cruiser Saturday morning, took the CASH to the bank. Installed the metal fairing windshield and sidecar windshield on the Gear Up. The weather finally broke here in Minnesota, so we took a LONG ride on the Gear UP on Saturday afternoon, and a solo ride for me on Sunday. Naturally, the temperature on Monday was 81 deg F which broke the previous record of 74 and I got to sit in my office all day. Gotta seriously think about retirement shortly... Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP 2002 Honda Silverwing/Texas Sidecar
  18. maybe this will help http://inms-ienm.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/time_servi...oadcasts_e.html Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP
  19. I've got a pair of OD canvas headlight black out covers with a horizontal slit and cord ties to secure to the headlight and sidecar headlight. I believe they came from Lezsek(I bought them from a guy on Ural Company forum). I have one installed on the sidecar headlight and it looks pretty cool. I don't want to be argumentative but I believe, at least here in Minnesota, that these(light black out covers) are probably illegal for road use. I wore a badge for 25 years before retiring in 1993 and I seem to remember motor vehicle regulations regarding minimum requirements for headlights, tail lights, stop lights, and turn signals(if installed). Besides, I feel that the MORE light on the outfit, the better chance that other traffic will see me and hopefully stay away from me. But they sure look cool... :thumbsup!: Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear Up 2002 Honda Silverwing/Texas Sidecar
  20. Or the sailor that had two "M"s tattoed in the same location. Read one way, it read MOM. Upside down was WOW Bob in Minnesota 2006 Gear UP
  21. KB0XR Bob in Minnesota. Licensed occasionally since 1959. Thinking about installing a CB in my 2006 Gear UP. I've had occasion to call for help with my 2 meter mobile and gotten zero response. On the other hand, I've called for road help with CB and gotten good results. Of course, that was before cellular phones. Bob 2006 Gear UP
  22. Another new member here with 2006 Gear UP. 62 klicks on it and waiting for the weather to break in Minnesota. Which it will be doing this weekend. Temps in the 40's. So much crap on the roads (salt and sand) that traffic leaves a white cloud behind it. I've been learning alot lurking here while my membership was approved. Bob 2006 Gear UP
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