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  1. Black mufflers. Black header pipes. Damn GearUP has too much shiny crap on it.
  2. Great idea, Scott. I only have lousy video right now but am contemplating buying a new video camera thing.
  3. I agree!!! What training is that, Paul?
  4. Hey, it even looks like something that could, with a little work, end up making a nice sidecar bumper out of too. Maybe grinding a bit on the extensions, but maybe so and maybe no. Just an interesting thing to ponder. Once you get your's for the light bar, how about placing it at the rear of the sidecar and checking on that idea, for grins and giggles? The 2 inch "T" s would make neat nerf bars for the rear of the sidecar.
  5. I'm pretty new here and to the Russian MC experience. RIMC has become one of my favorite forums. I have learned so much about Urals in particular and been quite entertained by some of the postings. I'll hang around...
  6. Redflasher, Why is it a big no no to have a windshield on your gearup sidecar? There are some that feel that the riding/driving experience is lessened by windshields. There have been some postings on the various forums/boards. I was just kidding...
  7. I've got one on my Gearup. I don't notice any turbulence. I just like some kind of windscreen. I also have one on the GearUp hack which I know is a big no no.
  8. A few pictures of the show have been posted in the photo gallery
  9. Got a notice in the mailbox yesterday that I have a registered package to pick up at the will call window at post office tomorrow morning. Must be my patches. Great pic of the kid!!!
  10. I like it but it's pretty durn expensive. Think I will skip it
  11. It was a can of diet Mountain Dew. Placed on the hack step by my monkey. She has been disciplined...
  12. Link to MN State Patrol MC http://www.kold.com/Global/story.asp?S=6603855 another link http://www.mspta.com/oldies.htm
  13. Total of 3 Urals showed up at the Bearded Lady MC Show. Lots and lots of bikes-vintage, classic, rats, and just ordinary bikes. I was in the running in the sidecar class but got aced out by a nice Triumph with a Motorvation hack. The guy arrived AFTER registration had closed but they let him in anyway. UDF was very very high. A lot of questions and a lot of photos taken of our URals. Lots of pictures posted over at IMZ-Ural forum. I'll try to have some put up here also.
  14. I spent 25 years on the street as an officer. Accident investigation and reconstruction was my specialty. Way too many senseless crashes. Some lived to ride another day and others did not. I even went so far years ago to have my mc endorsement removed from my license. BUT, the bug bit me again and I retested for the endorsement. Be careful out there...
  15. Where did you get the first aid box from?
  16. I have a GearUP with a "GASP"!!!!!! windshield on the hack. I went to Target and bought a Schwinn bicycle bar end mirror that has a velcro strap that wraps around the windshield horizontal brace. The velcro would not hold the mirror straight at HIGH SPEED so I have it clamped with a hose clamp. Looks like Sh*t. Gotta figure out something else. But it views rear so monkey likes it. And when the monkey is happy, I am happy
  17. I now suddenly have the CHiPs theme going through my head. I haven't seen the motorcycle troopers yet. I've seen a couple of St. Paul and Minneapolis cycles down on University Ave when I was taking surface streets to work and I think Eagan has one or two as well. Maybe they're trying to save our tax dollars by cutting gas consumption. I was at the University of Minnesota today and saw a Minneapolis Officer park his bike at Stub and Herbs. I can't help but think the Emergency Response Team(SWAT) could use a GearUP or two...
  18. On the way out to my suburban office from downtown Minneapolis, I noticed I was being tailed by two Minnesota Highway Patrol riding HARLEYS...This is a new program this year in Minnesota. Gotta admit they looked pretty darn sharp. Minneapolis and St Paul departments also have a few motor officers now. Wish I was 30 years younger. I spent 25 years as a cop but no motorcycles available then.
  19. I bought a brand new Beetle(my first new car) in 1965. Basic was $1645.00 I bought the deluxe with push out rear windows, white wall tires. $1787.00. I loved that car. Made a round trip from Jacksonville Fla to Minneapolis with two kids and a nagging wife. Not a good time
  20. Attention Minnesota Foilheads... On Saturday, July 14, The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show will be held in Nordeast Minneapolis at Diamonds Coffee Shop at 1618 Central Avenue NE. 11 am to 3 pm. And for the more adventurous, at the 331 Club at 331 NOrtheast 13 Avenue. 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. $5 entry fee and there is a sidecar classification for the show. An excellent opportunity to show off our Russian Iron. I plan to be there early to try and stake out some spaces for us to gather in one location. here's the link for more info: http://www.beardedladymotorcycleshow.com/
  21. Another Minnesota Uraler...We'll have to organize a Gopher State get together one of these days Outfit looks great
  22. I also had a 67 Monza convertible when I was in the Navy stationed out in Maryland. Brought it home to Minnesota when I was discharged in '68. Wrecked it 3 weeks later in a snow storm.
  23. Did my first valve adjustment yesterday morning using Bill Glasers excellent service manual. Piece of cake...Thanks Bill for all the effort you have put into that great resource.
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