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  1. I just emailed them. The clearance is 5/8 inch on either side.Delivery in about 2 weeks. Just ordered one of these and paid via paypal. $108.32 delivered. Black powdercoat for my GearUP. Will let you know what I think of it after it arrives. The bumper arrived and I installed it in about 5 minutes. Remove two bolts on tub and install bumper with new hardware supplied. It's pretty heavy duty and the welds are nice. The powder coat is very nice also.
  2. I've got the same one only the tall stick shifts the gears and the lower knob selects neutral/reverse. It's very high quality and very easy to install. You still retain foot shifting capabilities. I find the shifts are smoother using my hand than the foot shift. And it looks very retro also if you care...
  3. Yep, tis true. I found this out while applying for my social security last month. Not a huge difference but a buck is a buck. You must have DD214 for proof of service.
  4. California Sport Touring http://www.casporttouring.com/store/mercha...gory_Code=TWINM cheapest price I could find
  5. Yes- it would probably be a good idea to put a rubber mat under the can if you were planning on carrying it for a long peroid of time. I'm mostly looking for some extra range while out "bike-camping". Summer before last I was planning on getting gas in a little town in N.W. California which was about 120 miles away. Imagine my supprise when upon reaching the town and finding the one and only gas station there had closed the year before. The nearest gas was on the other side of a mountain range in Southern Oregon, and it was getting dark. We made it- but there was only two tenths of a gallon left on reserve. I sort of favor the idea of going camping/touring in places where you might not see a gas station for two or three days sometimes. The seat in the picture is off of a mid-90's Yamaha Virago. $50 at Bob's Cycle Salvage in Phoenix, A.Z. I posted on the mod about a year and a half ago but it's probably been dumped by now. I find it to be (for me, anyway) quite a bit more comfortable than the stock tractor seat- even using a gel pad. At the time I didn't realize it but I had too much lean out set which was causing the edge of the seat to cut off the circulation in my right theigh, which then caused my foot to go to sleep in about 20 miles or so. The Virago seat fixed the problem, but since then I've adjusted the lean out closer to zero degrees and now it's REALLY comfortable. The fender rack was sort of an add-on while making the rear mount for the new seat. Makes a grear place to lay your helmet while getting off and on. Easy to make- just a little 1/2 inch square tube and a few mitre cuts. Takes about 30 minutes if you're slow like me. You should manufacture that gas can rack. I would buy one...
  6. I bought the muffler set from someone who changed their mind. I want the coated headers also
  7. I applaud you guys for taking care of the baby instead of farming it out to others(day care). You'll make it
  8. I just emailed them. The clearance is 5/8 inch on either side.Delivery in about 2 weeks. Just ordered one of these and paid via paypal. $108.32 delivered. Black powdercoat for my GearUP. Will let you know what I think of it after it arrives.
  9. I just emailed them. The clearance is 5/8 inch on either side.Delivery in about 2 weeks.
  10. As a teenager with a brand new Hallicrafter S38DB shortwave receiver, I was able to hear the beep beep beep on 20 megacycles(megahertz) as Sputnik whizzed across the Minnesota night sky. Still have the radio today.
  11. Howdy, I think the first thing you better do is figure out how to get it titled and licensed. Good luck!!!!!
  12. It's always amazed me that people will go in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars but won't pay a lawyer a few bucks(relatively speaking) to look over what they will be signing. No, I am not a lawyer...
  13. Wow, that's one ugly looking piston
  14. I shot an hour with it last Sunday. The video turned out pretty good although the sound is not really great. Too much echoing off the hack windshield. IT picks up the gearshift clunks really well. Can't post the video right now due to the computer police at my job blocking you tube and other sites. Home pc is too old to operate the camera software. :thumbsup!: Shopping for new home computer right now.
  15. The deer topic pops up every year about this time on various forums. Here's a link to a somewhat dated article that discusses DEER WHISTLES. Those cute little plastic doo dads you can buy that are supposed to warn the deer of your approach and hopefully make them avoid you. http://www.ibmwr.org/prodreview/deerwsle.html I've had them charge at me both at night and in mid morning. Hit one with a big old Mercury Cougar 20 years ago and it totaled the car. And one of my teeth embedded itself in the steering wheel. Can't imagine what it would do to a mc rider/driver. :thumbsup!:
  16. What about the headers? still chrome or do you have black ones?
  17. One of them crew cutters threw a half full bottle of water and me and my monkey as we tried to proceed thru an intersection on the green light. Close to a quarter ton of beef lurched off the sidewalk right into our path. Wanted to clip her but that would have been kind of like hitting a moose. Monkey cussed her out good and then we ran away. :beer!:
  18. I read a review in the Wall Street Journal about the Flip Video camera. The reviewer gave it high marks for ease of use and pretty good quality video. So, on Saturday, I went to Best Buy and bought one. Here's the dope on it: http://www.theflip.com/products.shtml I mounted it on my GearUP using an ATV GPS holder and pointed thru the hack Windshield. The camera holds 1 hour of video and runs on 2 AA batteries. It is very simple to use. It has a USB connector for downloading into your pc. The software is built into the camera. An easy way to make you tube videos or your own "Mr Cob" ride adventures. $150.00 I like it.
  19. Hi Alexy, I don't put much store in it myself. I think it is a scam to earn a few bucks for the tire stores. Kermitski usually has some interesting opinions on this stuff though. The Lexus dealers here in MInnesota are offering this for owners of their vehicles. They claim it PREVENTS air loss from the tubeless tires on the Lexus. :thumbsup!:
  20. Great pics! Thanks for the link
  21. Here's an interesting item on EBay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/GULF-WAR-CA...sspagenameZWDVW
  22. The seller said it was backed into by a car in his ebay posting the first time it was listed.
  23. Good write up!!! I've always liked riding early in the morning.
  24. Leave it dirty. GearUp looks like a sissy bike when it is clean :thumbsup!:
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