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    I own a Ural Gear UP 2006, 2002 Honda Silverwing/Texas Sidecar
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    new russian bike owner looking to learn from the knowledge on this forum

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  1. I bought a couple of items from arbalet last year. Had them in about 3 weeks. Good stuff.
  2. That's Mr. Cob's GearUP. He just spent 3 nites at my home in Minneapolis. See his write up over on ADV rider.
  3. Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:14 am Post subject: MINNESOTA URALISTA'S REMINDER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a reminder that Mr Cob will be arriving at my house tomorrow evening(Friday). We'll be taking a ride to the Minnesota Vietnam Memorial at the state capitol in St Paul on Saturday. . We'll be meeting up at Parking Lot H off John Ireland Blvd around 10:30 plus or minus a few minutes. Photo op at Mickey's Diner in downtown and then to St Anthony Falls Lock and Dam across the river in Minneapolis. Dave will be interviewed by Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly for an upcoming article on his adventures traveling the USA> Food and plenty of B.S. late in the afternoon at my home on Saturday. My address is 8792 Norway St NW, Coon Rapids MN mapquest will show you where that's at or call me at 763-785-4995. This may be your ONLY chance to meet Dave(Mr Cob) Ride your bike if possible but please try to attend with or without. An RSVP would be wonderful.
  4. I spoke to Dave Hooker(MR COB) on Sunday regarding his arrival in Minnesota in early September. He will be headed into Northern Minnesota right after Labour Day. Then heading south to the Minneapolis area and arriving at my home late on Friday September 5th. I am planning a short ride on Saturday morning September 6th for him and then a get together at my home in the afternoon. All are welcome for the ride also. Please consider this an open invitation to anyone who wishes to attend. The gathering is planned to begin around 3 P.M. This is not a pot luck deal. We will furnish food, soft drinks, plenty of b.s. and a warm welcome. Our place is small but it's home to us. Anyone wishing to have a stronger beverage, please bring your own. And please, try to drive your Ural or other bike if possible. Impress/irritate my geezer neighbors. I would like to have a head count, so to speak. by September 4th for planning purposes. . So far, I have Scott from Shoreview, two others that he knows, and Tall1(Paul from Minnetonka) Please contact me, if interested by PM on this board or Email me at: REDFLASHER@YAHOO.COM or phone at 763-785-4995 I live in Coon Rapids at 89th and East River Road. Bob in Minnesota 2006 GearUP
  5. I have the complete black MOdtop system. Here's a link to a short video I made which will give you an idea of the sound of it.
  6. Back in January 2007, My wife bought me a GearUP with a personal check from her checking account. I hate debt also. But I really like the wife...
  7. Geez, something else to worry about. Improperly venting gas cap. Will it ever end?
  8. Well, for starters, you can ditch the radar detector. The rig won't go fast enough to get you in trouble unless you are really careless in a school zone. That should save you a few watts.
  9. I got some crap from a Jap bike rider last year. I reminded him who attacked Pearl Harbor and he shut up pretty fast.
  10. I saw YOU when you rode in but the wife was pulling me in the opposite direction. It was only my second time at Nicollet Island. I took some pictures and will be posting them soon. I had a good time. The "interesting" one is the Bearded Lady Freak Show in July at the 331 Club on University Avenue. Some of the scenery there is "great" :thumbsup!: but the wife won't let me go alone.
  11. Blind Lizard get together tomorrow(Fathers Day) on Nicollet Island in downtown Minneapolis. Lots of vintage, unusual bikes. Stone Arch Bridge Festival for those who want to walk a block or two from the rally. Loud pipes frowned upon. Loud valves okay.
  12. Unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes...
  13. Do you mean a 4 wheel car or a sidecar?
  14. quote<Downshifting is a minor problem that you get used to... toe UNDER the shifter and LIFT. Downshifting eats boot toes. I find myself getting a length of clear vinyl tubing (1.5" I.D., usually sold to local dairy farmers for milking machine connections) and sliding a hunk of it on the toe shifter to keep the boot damage to a minimum. It seems to last 3 - 4 weeks before it stretches out too much, falls off & gets lost>quote I can't picture this. I up shift with the heel-pressing down-I downshift with the toe-pressing down. Or I use my hand shifter pushing forward to up shift or pulling back to downshift-racheting through the gears one by one. Bob in MInnesota 2006 GearUP
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