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    Donald Trump

    Here, we have voting too, but when we vote they just go on with what they want anyway(Brexit!)...would love to think that your glove puppets had anything to do with your vote.. and less to do with corperate interest...
  2. lobofuego


    Yes , I do agree with your point that too ,is a consideration...However now that silly season is here, everything goes up Bikes, insurance, cops out revenue raising, and the price of parts, !!...all of these factors , have a net effect around here...only grey haired old farts like me,are on Bikes!!..no youth to speak of...so logically we will dry up first,...this I feel just another part of the relentless march towards the unelected technocracy, and its clearly lucifarian doctrine, of climbing up, by pulling others down...as we are running out of places to hide!!....anyway..it was just a rant!!
  3. Could be running weak overall, could try insulating carbs, and even consider changing them, as newer ones are better, and cheap enough!!!
  4. lobofuego


    Obviously you have missed the point Peter, whilst you may be happy to pay , it does not justify the recent increases in prices enabled by fleabay and the like, whilst I do understand how a freemarket exists...I do not wish to engage with it in such a way, that I pay to support parasitic enterprise for greeds sake, and whilst I am "Happy" to pay for my "Hobby".....I will not be Happy to pay 12K for a new Ural, ... Whilst you may be, good luck to you.....as for whinger?....well I stand up, rather than grovel at the feet of this messed up world... And you.....do not know me
  5. just a thought....but with Geoengineered rain fallin everytime there is sunshine....riding in the rain, is too much for a K&N...so best go figure out an aircleaner solution, I went back to standard!!
  6. You could make up a plate twixt carb and manifold, which deflects the heat and in stainless they look ok too....short of that an emulsion block to stop heat transfer.....
  7. lobofuego


    Thought I would have a quick rant, regarding parts pricing, there once was a time I could buy all my Russian bits and bobs at reasonable prices....now the same poor quality stuff is being sold at 4 times the prices it used to be, and I for one will not be supporting the lifestyle of someone, wherever they live, who simply buys cheap and fleeces me for a livin....the japs went this way and eventual sales are hitting rock bottom, ...there are precious few motorcyclists about now....and I am sick of all of this overall crap being touted out via Fleabay and the like....which is killing motorcycling along with the rest of the paracitic system, we are engaged with.....
  8. To quote a metaphor....A little too much, is better than much too little!! Yes I have a deep sump..more oil....good!!
  9. Float sinking......or height incorrect.... ??? when I had same issue...bought a new set....worked out ok!!
  10. Just one little thought I would add.....whilst I am not sure, I would suggest that an off set arm could be used to promote valve rotation???...Modtops shims do not locate easily!
  11. I used Honda coils from a Dullvile...they are electronic coils but they work with points as well, ...gives a much better output,
  12. Something is going to happen....always does.... as to wether its connected to your stomach....we will have to wait.....and see... If the beardy man in the sky, is using this method of communicating, he may have a design fault.....
  13. Well, as I said will sort out the rebuild!! A sudden noise led me to a broken ring... Then the question why!! which has found the big endplay..excessive.... Oh well, now got to find a 20 ton press!!... On the plus side....its very clean in there....
  14. Good to know Luca....will remove the brakes tomorrow!!
  15. Yep this screams up to 70ish....and handles quite well...but it drinks 5 litres in 28 miles!!
  16. Do you know that Per cc a 350 jawa, produces more torque than any other motorcycle....and..... It runs on diesel!!....and Parafin.....and meths...
  17. I just bought a Jawa 634 350....It goes like stink....handles well, quite impressed....has been "rebuilt"...but I can sort that...oops done it twice....sorry...
  18. Just bouht a Jawa 634, 350 goes like stink, ...has just been "rebuilt", but I can sort that..so far fairly impressed..
  19. You could try getting up to flat out, and backing off the throttle to 80%... It should stay where it is "Happy"... Or find your stroke, and work out piston speed ....never exceeding 400fps..
  20. Would of course like to add that if I was" down for bit....." could i have it.... As I am always up for a bit ... Generally! Oh yes and my point..... .....Happy Jingle bells y,all
  21. You don't seem to have mentioned how many connectors your CDI has, and a halls effect sensor has two wires, which can be checked using a multimeter, on AC up to 20V , and you should get about 2.4 v when cranking, ....if it has 3 wires it will be a digital sensor which will be an input output and ground, the CDI will usually switch the ground and you should check for a feed to coils, or at least to CDI as this will have a positive and a negative, as well as the inputs, and outputs....which switch the coils causing the coils to spark with the breakdown ..just like a set of points....
  22. Have you considered the Cambus operation of your lighting circuits?? I m sure there will be someone out there producing a suitable ECU, This would mean a considerable reduction in the overal weight of the wiring Plus you could operate your lights via Bluetooth, and a telemetric control unit, whilst in your bath...
  23. Sorry I was out... ....may have been a coincidence...could have been due to my having gone out?? due to the Tree in the Forest type thing!! who knows??....I don't!! ...not sure about my connection, ...but I feel connected....
  24. The bikes been made since 1937 and only now do we need this electronic ######??...don't buy one best option...get an old one, get two!
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