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    Steam machines, Urals, all Motorcycles, Aviation, Good People, Red Wines, Life, and the ability to enjoy them all.

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    1998 BC Classic Rig, well upgraded; 2003 Wolf, well ridden; 2008 Retro Rig, well... you know...
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    Live in Mount Hood, Oregon, USA; Helped start USA Ural importer IMWA; Been to the Irbit Ural Factory twice, the second time with my 2 teenaged sons. It was a life-changing adventure. Am now happily retired (Aug. 2012)

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  1. Luca: I look forward to hearing of your success running the engine. RussN
  2. Which bike, model, and year? It makes a difference in your answer. RussN
  3. David: I share the same pricing concerns as you do. These bikes are now for more serious sidecarists. And I hope Ural survives. There is still no ride like a Ural! RussN
  4. I hope you get the opportunity to upgrade to a new Ural. Your 1998 "Gort" BC 650/750 is still going strong. 100K++ kms so far... RussN
  5. No Ural riding from my garage and in my area of Northern Oregon, USA. Too damned cold for my old bones, with frozen snow & ice on the ground. And I remain worried about the future of Ural motorcycles. Comments? RussN
  6. RussN


    And those of us with no useful comments are still watching and reading. RussN
  7. An interesting evaluation of the failure modes. Happily, my new unused alternator has worked perfectly all these years, in my parts cabinet! RussN
  8. On the alternator subject: I recently re-discovered that I have a brand new Ural "factory-reworked to resolve failure issues" ( early 2000s) 35 Amp alternator in my parts collection. Anyone need one? RussN
  9. A good development. I've been a fan of electronic ignitions for decades. The are a better idea. Pleased to hear you are back riding successfully. RussN
  10. Sounds like a timing issue. Carefully inspect the geometry differences of the old and new weights. RussN
  11. That implies something is slipping only when under torque stress. I would check the two transmission shift-adjustment screws for correct adjustment. (for lack of other ideas) I had to adjust those on my late 1990s and early 2000 Urals. RussN
  12. AHAH!! Good thing you figured that out. Thanks for sharing your lesson. RussN
  13. The suspense is killing me! And the part is ? and goes where? RussN
  14. With carb interiors like that, you can bet the gas jets are also plugged and require opening. Also make sure the fuel tank, shut-off valve and associated filter screen are totally clean and clear. And in the correct RUN position. (How do I know that one?...) And I've had visible spark, but a bad coil reducing the spark below ignition level. Replacing the coil brought the engine back to life. On three different Urals since I began riding them in 1998! Food(s) for thought. RussN
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