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    1998 BC Classic Rig, well upgraded; 2003 Wolf, well ridden; 2008 Retro Rig, well... you know...
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    Live in Mount Hood, Oregon, USA; Helped start USA Ural importer IMWA; Been to the Irbit Ural Factory twice, the second time with my 2 teenaged sons. It was a life-changing adventure. Am now happily retired (Aug. 2012)

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  1. NDuck: Yes, setting in the shoes to the drum surfaces takes some time. But there are quicker ways to do it: For my various Urals I acquired narrow rolls of sanpaper strips with light adhesive backing, and pressed them onto the cleaned drum surface. Then I turned the wheel by hand while sanding the shoe surfaces in position in the drum. That process greatly decreased the setting-in time. I also lightly beveled the leading and trailing edges of the shoes (with a file), which eliminated vibrations when applying the brakes. I can lock up the wheels using the brakes, if required.
  2. When your engine stops (seized?) can it still be cranked over with the start lever? If yes, it is not seized. I am wondering if it really heats up and seizes, or stops from other causes as discussed above. Happy New Year, all. RussN
  3. dmb: Do you want a bike that runs well, or looks "original?" Personally I like a running bike. The Ride is always the best part. RussN
  4. Vance: So sorry to learn of Becky's continuing medical issues. She is incredibly fortunate to be with you! RussN
  5. When testing the engine you should consider having fans blowing lots of cooling air over the cylinders. This is the normal testing set up at the Ural factory in Irbit, RU. I do not know what was done at the Dnepr factory in Kiev. Then perform the suggested tests and measurements, cold and hot. Food for thought. RussN
  6. I agree with Vance, based on my own Harbor Fright experiences: You discovered a missing manager. RussN
  7. Congrats. Please do share pics of your New-To-You ride when possible. And now you have winter projects to do. Ride Safe. RussN
  8. Not knowing your location, I can offer the following: https://racewayural.com/product-category/shift-kits/ Hope this helps. RussN
  9. Another job well done! Darned electrons... Happy riding. RussN
  10. Welcome back. I've missed this forum and its participants. Especially during these totally weird and stressful times. RussN
  11. We have lost one friend to Covid-19 so far, and are financially helping another friend who is quite ill, with three young daughters at home and an absent useless ex-husband. We will see this through and try to be helpful. Good Health to all of you. RussN
  12. Pleased to hear you got piped! Does the wedding dress fit OK? ((-; RussN
  13. Wow! That's a remarkable development! I hope we hear how this all gets worked out. And it is nice that you are concerned for Amy and her missing wedding dress! Strange times, indeed. RussN
  14. Thank you! Since that first ride this year I've successfully ridden both my Retro and Wolf, and greatly enjoyed being back on 2/3 wheels! During the heat wave we're having, this morning is not motorcycling but Water Test #2 of our steam launch that we restored. So far so good, but today we will enjoy the cool of the Columbia River, and some steam boating. RussN
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