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  1. I have no idea other than our host DNS went squirrelly. I swapped our SOA to another DNS server.
  2. Even more good stuff from Ernie!!!! I posted to the articles section but here is a direct link! http://www.russianiron.com/eafranke_ural8/ural_info_pdf8.html
  3. I added a onesie and a bib... let me know if you would like anything else! https://www.cafepress.com/russianiron
  4. Try accessing the link again. If not hit this https://www.cafepress.com/russianiron. I dont think there is a onesie in the shop currently. I will work on getting some things added this weekend. Cheers
  5. Sorry about that folks. We had corruption issues, an outdated host and life got in the way. As you hopefully return to the forum please note that we are on a different host - which should help speed. We are on a different version of software which will make things look a bit different but be more stable and have a few new features here and there. There is one difference that may affect some users. In the old software you could have a login name and a forum name that were different. This is no longer allowed with the new software. Your forum name is now your login name. That should only impact a few folks. Cheers and sorry for the big delay.
  6. New articles published! http://www.russianiron.com/eafranke_ural7/ural_info_pdf7.html http://russianiron.com/articles.htm
  7. Just posted new articles from Ernie Main article page - http://russianiron.com/articles.htm Ernie's new info - http://www.russianiron.com/eafranke_ural6/ural_info_pdf6.html
  8. Lets keep politics to a minimum and understand that no ones mind will be changed about them on a motorcycle forum.
  9. There is a new series of articles up - Thanks Ernie!!!!! Ernie Franke's collection of components and schematics telling the story of Ural and Dnepr evolution (PDFs)
  10. All, Ernie Franke has put together a wealth of information on Russian motorcycles in terms of Accessories (Military, Civilian, Police, Fire) for Your Ural or Dnepr. We are hosting it here on Russian Iron for him! Thanks Ernie for all the great info!!!! http://www.russianiron.com/eafranke_ural/ural_info_pdf.html
  11. Can you let us know some stuff about your connection type (dial-up, satilite, DSL, Cable), OS (and version), Web Browser(and version). Is this 100% of the time? Does it occur on other sites? Thanks - feel free to shoot me a PM.
  12. Lets try to keep discussions civil. thread is now locked.
  13. I will once again be a no show I will be on a flight to Chile.
  14. And wanted to do a featurett in the Wall Street Journal! Web site article is up now - Print edition comes out tomorrow http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304117904579503603969908032?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702304117904579503603969908032.html
  15. Nice picture in the Ural newsletter!
  16. Met up with BigJames at Bluemoon Cycles yesterday to check out the new Urals. I did not get to stick around to ride but it was good to see the new stuff! pics coming up!
  17. We are currently on 3.3.4. One of the issues is transcoding the database. I do like the article you found - It is much more helpful than the support I got from IP Board. I am not saying no - I am just letting everyone know it is not a switch flip like some other features. I will review again this week. When I do make the change it will probably coincide with a few other maintenance issues to save multiple down times. John
  18. Unfortunately it is a limitation of the software the board runs on. It is possible to add it but it is not as simple as flipping a switch. There is down time involved and there is a risk of hosing the database in the process. At least that was the case a year or so ago when I looked into it. I will check again with some of the updates that have come out though. John
  19. Forum is up. Send me a personal message with a link to your existing threads if you want them moved/merged.
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