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  1. I'm in the Netherlands. I find it really odd there aren't many airheads available around - not even in Germany. Prices seem excessive. Even a 'fixer-upper' goes for around 2k it seems.. I'll keep an eye out for an affordable airhead engine. If I can't find one, i might as well sink some money on new bearings and the like for the original engine.. Thanks for the advice, everyone! :)
  2. There really aren't many R80's around here. Some time ago they crossed over from being 'crappy old bikes' to 'classic motorcycles'. This is reflected in parts availability and prices. Even eBay in Germany hasn't got any affordable r80 engines listed atm. All the engine conversions I've seen so far use 2-valve head boxers. I don't know of any that use the 4-valve engines. I bet an 850 or 1100 engine could be detuned by lowering the compression ratio. I just don't know if they would fit in the frame and could be coupled to the Dnepr transmission..
  3. New guy here! *waves* I actually registered quite some time ago, but spend way too long lurking. I've always liked these old Russian beasts, but I've never really had a reason/excuse to own one other than "I just want one". The birth of my son gave me a great excuse to revive my interest in these sidecar rigs. I am now considering trading in my Japanese bike for some Russian heavy metal. The coming months I'll be checking out some MT-16's. meanwhile, I'm gathering some info. If I do go down this path, I'll need to do some serious mods. For starters, an engine swap is pretty much a must to keep up with the rest of the family at highway speeds. I don't need a speed demon, but it would be nice to be able to cruise at 65/70mph for extended periods. Anyhow, I'll be around! (probably askinbg a whole lot of 'dumb' quesitons...)
  4. I'm considering a BMW engine swap for a MT-16. I can't seem to find a suitable older Beemer engine though. Plenty of R1100 engines for reasonable prices, but none of the older stuff. Pretty sure the 1100GS or 1100R (80Hp) would break the Dnepr transmission. R850 engines pop up occasionally, those are between 50 and 70Hp, depending on trim. What are your thoughts? Keep looking for a more suitable engine, or Swap in the Beemer transmission as well (and loose reverse and the semi-auto clutch) Not even sure if the rear diff can handle the increased power.. Any input would be greatly appreciated.. :)
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