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  1. Just checked in here- Sent you an email, Ken.
  2. Still available- here is a photo album of the parts, docs, etc. --
  3. No immediate hurry- I've found a temporary spot for it, so keep in touch. If interested in coming down, I can detail photos, and parts list after the holidays calm down. Send me a board msg and I'll forward you all my contact info. Thanks, M
  4. SOLD Looking to unload some projects, and hopefully this one can find a nice home. MT-16 Imported in 2005, ridden, neglected- I picked up in 2012. (see link below for condition) Titled to be road legal in Texas, all documentation included. It has not been transferred to my name, but if that is an issue I am more than happy to put it in my name before selling it. Posted on its condition and issues here: http://www.russianir...showtopic=14299 Bike was stored inside- in this shop since these photos were taken. I am moving shops and need the space. Pretty much how it sits now. Engine out- Jugs off. Tub and tank removed, rolling chassis. Salvageble parts collected and separated. Also will include a decent sized order of new seals, bearings, gaskets, filters (~100$) from Moto-Boxer. If there is any interest, I can provide additional photos (from what is in the thread). Also, I'm located just east of downtown in Houston if anyone wants to view. Asking 800$ Thanks- marksaulsbery@gmail.com
  5. Figured I would get some scrap wood or metal together today at the shop and create a makeshift Engine rebuild stand (Dnepr MT). Any ideas, suggestions, plans or lessons learned from others? Thanks!
  6. Small world! A late reply here, but my order arrived perfectly. Great products, service and price.
  7. I agree with racepres regarding the charge. A lot of Electronic Ignitions really foul up when low on charge. On my '74 Norton and '67 Triumph (both EI) It was necessary for me to keep them on trickle-chargers to ensure they wouldnt start acting weird. Full charge always. I've seen it happen on rides with other bikes as well....always confounding, seemed like fuel, etc. but it was always the EI On my vintage bikes that had points, no such problem.
  8. Just placed order- Thanks Poitr!
  9. Love the Flat-heads. good luck! Keep us up to date on the progress!
  10. Just FYI; bsa_79 is russiangarage.com for full site
  11. As much as I'd like to be optimistic (or in denial), I know what you (Ken) and RP say is true. I was looking with a flashlight into the engine last night and there was surface rust on everything...and water residue still in the engine. I really don't even want to think about the transmission and diff. BUT, on a positive side; this will be a fun and informative project! ...and relatively less expensive than BMW/Guzzi, etc I'm going to learn some new Ukrainian curse words, yell them alot, throttle the p!ss out of my Guzzi this weekend and start on this total tear-down later next week. Gotta get some priorities and space cleared for this. I'll keep documenting and updating...without doing so, I'll forget everything myself. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Here are some general dis-assembly photos depicting the general condition.
  13. .... The more needy RIGHT SIDE Somehow I lost the photo of the RH valves (also haven’t taken the valves out yet), but it was in similar poorer condition than the left. So, how does it look? I’ve been cautiously optimistic at the condition so far, but maybe I missing something? Also- -Is it necessary to clean the (slight) carbon buildup off the piston tops? (old Triumph folks say no, but have seen RUS engines cleaned) -How do I decide if the rings are re-useable or not? -The right side cyl rust doesnt look too deep, but I dont know? I will attempt to hone it (when the tools arrive) anyway and see how it comes.
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