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    2005 Ural Tourist
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    My wife has limited stamina riding on the back of our solo bike, and I didn't enjoy riding alone. So I got the Ural in the hopes that she and our dog "Rider" can join in the fun a lot more : )

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  1. Here in Pa. our gas contains 15% Ethanol. I'm lately developing problems with the carbs on my '05 Tourist, and my mechanic is telling me horror stories about Ethanol damage to engines and all the gaskets in my carbs. Are their rebuild kits available for my carbs? And what can you folks tell me about this subject? Thanks, John.
  2. Oh, she can always go into the mother-in-law's trailer, right? :-) I am converting my Ural to a Dog Taxi so I never have to consider anyone else, besides my pooches. :-) Again, go to images section on Yahoo or Google and plug in word string as "dog rack for motorcycles" and browse through the photos there for some additional ideas. Here were just a few examples: Becky...You're right! I gave up the Honda and got the Ural primarily to have my WIFE as a passenger. I love my dog Rider, but I don't even joke about him being more important than her. On the other hand, I am well aware that Rider will have #1 place in Maryanne's heart for about the next 14 years. I can wait.
  3. Our dog named Rider goes everywhere with us! He weighs 14 lbs. and, as such, doesn't require the whole sidecar. Today Maryanne and I rode about 50 miles with Rider in Maryanne's lap in the sidecar. It gets a little old. I feel sorry for these little dogs in the black bags on the rear end of bikes. I would never put Rider in there. But I have a spot where I removed the rear seat on the Ural. Anybody got any ideas for a small dog traveling spot back there?
  4. I just noticed this on my 2005 Tourist. Can anybody think of a reason why I should leave it on? I'm a big fan of lightening the load; I already removed the rear parrenger seat with the accompanying foot pegs and grab bars. I want to remove the center stand, too.
  5. hello john Ag, i personally don't have any problems,the flap attached to the fender does it's job,as do the leg guards. maybe you could make up a fender extender, or a larger mud flap.er...how deep were the puddles you were travelling through? :-) ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare. I wasn't riding through any puddles. Just a wet road. The water wasn't being thrown off the back of the tire; it was as if the spokes were throwing water all over. I got wet. The bike got wet. It was random spray from the spokes being thrown out to the sides of the wheel.
  6. I have the mud flap. The problem seems to be the high fender. I did see someone's solution for lowering the fender, but it seems like a very big project. Maybe I'll do that when the bike is laid up for the winter.
  7. I rode my '05 Tourist after a rain the other day. The roads were wet, and even at 15mph the front wheel was throwing water all over me. I know the fender is sort of an overland setup, but I will always be on paved roads and I need the fender to do it's job. Anybody have a solution for this? I assume everybody here has the same issue?
  8. OK...I'll just skip the ballast and learn to take my right turns slowly enough...and practice hanging-over.
  9. I've been told to use a couple of collapsable 5 gallon water jugs. you ride around with 10 gallons of water until you pick up a passenger. Then you dump the water and put the jugs in the trunk. But all the reviews I see on Amazon complain about LEAKS! What is your solution for ballast?
  10. I have an '05 Tourist and I'm still developing riding skills. I hear Urals can cruise at 55, but I personally don't feel comfortable over 45. I don't feel like the bike likes over-45 very much, either. I'd like to hear from some of you guys who really have your head around the DNA of this thing. Am I worrying too much ? What are the rpm's at 45 and 55, and what is this engine really capable of?
  11. Do you still have any left? I like these a lot better than the Ural racks. John.
  12. I want to replace all the rear lightbulbs with LED's that are as bright as possible. Has anyone here done this already?
  13. Fitting a nice Harley solo seat to the Ural sounds VERY nice. Thanks for that suggestion!
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