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    An Aussie that's been living in SEA since 1996, currently in Malaysia but have also been based in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Brunei for various amounts of time. With work I am up to 37 countries and am sick of flying

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  1. I got all the books... it's all in pieces. At this point I might just try and find a flathead M72 for sale.
  2. Thinking about dropping my bike off at a workshop and getting it rebuilt. Any recommendations?
  3. Well my disassembled Ural is now in Australia, albeit at the port for another 3 weeks. So now I have a disassembled bike, disassembled Acmat and a Jeep that needs disassembling. Just need to save the cash to buy a house with shed now
  4. I am concerned about the kickstarter as was looking at that - anyone got any experience on this i.e. is it just a matter of climbing over the bike each time? All good advice - cheers I am waiting to get an answer on the tub next week. It's a Chang Jiang one so if it happens I will ditch the CJ chassis and get a M63 one to go underneath it. Sad story was the guy rebuilt the bike to perfect level, moved here and when boxes arrived he had a sidecar but no bike
  5. Supposedly they are brand new. Quite pricey but I wanted the bottle top ones as it originally had Dnepr wheels. Found out today i most likely can get a Chiang Jiang sidecar here. If can i will have to figure out how to reverse the m63 sidecar frame to fit on the other side of the bike. Was looking for a thread on this but no luck. The bike will eventually end up in aussie so if a sidecar is fitted it has to be on the left.
  6. Slowly, to slowly but another new bit arrives Other one should arrive next week
  7. I have two wheels on the way now but I mainly have been polishing the crankcase with a Dremel tool. I wasn't going to do that but couldn't help myself
  8. After so much travel I am getting to tinker again. Have started on the bike trailer and restarted on the bike. The innards of the gearbox are out and are wrecked, so better off buying a new box as the pieces will cost more Needed a drink after seeing the gearbox Small weld repair on crankcase to fix some impact damage bought 1 new rim and tyre
  9. I mainly use http://999.md/ as has people selling second hand stuff and some dealers
  10. Yes it seems the rims and tyres will be one of my most expensive buys. I see some new ones on Ebay from time to time. I saw some nice old bits on a Moldovan site recently as the wife' s brother lives there. The bike originally came from there, so its doing a world tour in pieces/parts
  11. hmmmmmmm My main wish list for her trip are: - Headlight glass, chrome ring with lip and the reflector (my one on mine was not correct) - M72 rear seat frame and spring (I have the rear mount) - most likely will get her to pick up a bearing I need to see if she can find a set of new bottle cap black rims and tyres that I will have to ship over later. I am going to get the cylinder head kits from the US I still have to rebuild the gearbox
  12. G'Day Luca I am off to Turkey next month so the wife is going to do a side-trip to Romania so I will make a Ural shopping list for her ..... I need some new wheels and head lamp bowl fittings (I'll have to buy her a new bag). I could maybe find one here in Malaysia but it is sooooooo disorganized here which is frustrating
  13. Yep that's the bearing. Several dealers I buy from in Ukraine are now part of Russia so their reorganizing I don't look at the Oldtimer site very often as it depresses me because the last time I try to buy from them it was a problem. I guess because I must be the only Ural owner in Malaysia Which part of Romania you live in? I did a project in Slatina two years ago and have wife's relatives in Brasov and Otopeni
  14. Well still slowly moving with mainly buying parts, with the new parts being: Deep sump Deep sump kit New oil pump New oil pump gear New crankshaft New crankshaft bearings New tappets and guides New rear crank bolt and lock washer New camshaft Gearbox seal set (needs a lot of other things....) I cannot as yet locate to buy: Camshaft bearing 205 (weird as was a lot on Ebay but none for the last few months) The bolts that hold the rear cover on with drilled heads So a lot of buying but not much doing. But my Land Rover project is sold this week and so I can focus on the Ural. I bought a sand blaster yonks ago and finally put it together on Saturday.
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